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I discussed architecture and next steps a bit in my blog about the test here Agree with others here that world-sized contiguous spaces with many people able to build together in then is the correct end-goal and definition of 'Metaverse' - that is the recursive architecture we are building, captured in this blog That's what we are building - 5 years work so far, going as fast as we can! Remember whether you are talking about Dual Universe or High Fidelity - tens of millions of SERVERS will be required to support the people in the space. So the big design here isn't just technical it is also economic in nature - there needs to be a motivation for everyone to work together and contribute servers. Roughly speaking, it will require about as many internet connected PC's as we currency have worldwide to simulate/store/stream such a space. That's why we are also working on the blockchain-based currency systems.
Thanks, Wagner! Yep, I am looking for an amazing new EA, as Emily graduates to a new job inside High Fidelity.
Actually this is also true across all variations of "Virtual Reality" related search terms and steam product stats for VR, so far as I can see. It's certainly not just Sansar. The movie is not causing people to want to 'try out' VR. I think this is because it only presented the idea of VR as mostly a sort of multiplayer shooter for escapists, rather than for education and many other uses, as presented in the book.
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Apr 6, 2018