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I neglected to add that the essay my wife focuses on a somewhat lesser known Hopper work, "The Barber Shop."
Nighthawks is a favorite Hopper of mine. BTW, my wife, an artist, wrote an interesting essay on Hopper some time ago. Here's a link:
Great explanation of feckless. Semi-relatedly, another word w/the suffix -less is ruthless. I've always found this word odd. I'd imagined that the 'ruth' is related to 'wrath', but if so why would the agent associated w/that word be lacking in 'wrath,' rather than have lots of it. Perhaps then, the 'ruth' and 'wrath' aren't related, after all.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Word of the Week: Feckless at Fritinancy
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Sep 16, 2012