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A youthful Anthony Hopkins.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2012 on Mystery Man at The Online Photographer
Your many points are well-taken. The music analogy especially. I do think it's possible to see in both ways-color and b&w. I shot TriX on a Pentax H1A in my college darkroom course and alternated (What second body?) with Kodachrome and developed appropriate ways of seeing for both. Perhaps your biggest point, for me, "It's why I can't buy a good toaster."I can't either. We can't find one that toasts different bread types correctly so we end up with style objects like a DeLonghi that only toasts one side of a slice or a nice red Bodum that won't fit Italian bread or bagels. I'd love an OT post on this. Maybe Steve left us an iToast in his business plans.
Yes... the "digital morning." I paid 700 something for an Oly C5050Z when they came out. It paid for itself when my wife was asked on her job (not photography) if she had a good digital camera and could take some pictures of her corporate clients. Early adoption...good. I would still be using it but I'm drawing the line at a second lens-barrel mechanical fix. The 1.8 was great and now it's a memorable bookend-Pentax Ds on the other side. Will be checking out the XZ-1 and also the E-PL2 for a hundred more (and a system commitment.)
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2011 on The Olympus XZ-1 at The Online Photographer
More photos please!!! To truly enjoy this some other angles would be nice. I can just imagine a walk-through. Love the double-door and fake stone accents at the corners.
I think that if the priorities were switched, as Janne's post suggests, that a cam-phone would be very useful, as opposed to a phone-cam. Have a camera that can make calls, not a phone that takes pics. As WIFI hotspot technology becomes cheaper and more widespread, it would be simple to have a DSLR (or P/S) connect directly without a computer. Not only could you post to FB quickly with sized down images, but, bandwidth permitting, you could upload to flickr or your own site. Of course, the 2 year lock-in on phone/device plans will continue long past the adoption of new technologies. This all should happen before we get our jet packs.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2010 on Are Digicams Doomed? at The Online Photographer
These images are fun but it's a one-joke routine with 15 variants. Today's photo-literacy standards require an ever-increasing ability to question the literal veracity of a photograph which includes how it is presented. I didn't think these were real captures for one second even without reading the title. Ultimately, there's not much to "parse" here folks. Hans Kemps series is much more interesting to me on many levels even as a cliche of "overloaded light transport." I forwarded links to Kemp's, not to Delorme's.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2010 on Reality and Then Some at The Online Photographer
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