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I can see why ESPNs networks should be moved over to a 'Sports Package'. I couldn't live without my ESPN, but every single one of my or my wife's friends, save one, has never watched ESPN. Of course if there is a 'Sports Package' I would expect all the other channel packages that used to have ESPN would go down in price.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2011 on ESPN's NFL deal questioned at Michael's Insight
Very disappointed Mike, I am very disappointed in this. I loved Insight, they had great customer service. They had great offerings. They had great rates. Everything was great, hell I even applied to work for Insight (not then anyone called me back for an interview). It wasn't Verizon Fios or something, but it was enough for my needs. Now we shift to Time Warner, who has horrible customer service, horrible offerings, horrible rates. Fine Michael, take your $3,000,000 and run. Here's hoping you live in Lexington or Louisville, as your neighbors should let you know how they feel
I hadn't seen this story before. Wow Facebook, just wow.
I'd like to know more about the service, but everything I've read about it sounds good. Providing some things Facebook doesn't.
Insight needs a Google TV integrated set top box. I would order one now if I could. Doesn't one of the satellite companies have one? I know I've asked you this before, let's make it happen Michael! By the way, Evantune, do CableCARDs work with the HD channels?
Please stand up for your customers that just want to enjoy the content anywhere they want. If that requires some sort of wifi/streaming box that I have to rent, I'm ok with that. Unless I'm maxing out my monthly bandwidth, there shouldn't be any other issues, right? But if there's some new addon plan to stream to portable devices (in addition to any equipment rental), then you're just holding your customer's hostage and looking for 'new' revenue streams. I'm all for cable providers turning a profit, but just to charge customers more money because you can is wrong. If we go down that road, Insight will end up like the other cold corporate conglomerate that cares more about the share holders than the customers.
Hopefully the IPv6 test today has been successful.
Not a fan of AT&T, but these researchers need to make sure comparable phones, on competing carriers don't ave the same "background" data usage.
Now all we need is Netflix on our cable boxes, hopefully with an improved UI (hint hint)
Toggle Commented May 13, 2011 on Netflix releases Android app at Michael's Insight
I have to disagree. With LG starting to push passive shutter 3D TVs, visual problems and headaches occurring in quite a few people that watch home 3D TVs, and the slow adoption rate of television channels to use 3D (I believe ESPN 3D is it), I don't see 3D TVs ever taking off. If they bring decently priced glasses free 3D TVs, then I could see an increase.
Insight needs to be the first cable provider to bring a Google TV integrated cable box to market (especially the Lexington market).
@Aries Silva, I agree, the bugs in the new system are getting annoying. The Pace equipment is not as responsive as the old Motorola equipment. There seems to be an annoying delay when doing anything on the Pace. Plus the interface hasn't changed. I see my satellite friends interface and it's so much nicer and a heck of a lot more responsive and I'm jealous of them.
Make sure you're taking into consideration Android devices, because I'll never give my money to Steve Jobs if I can help it. If I can deposit checks in my bank with my android phone, I surely can watch tv on it, right?
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Apr 19, 2011