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"Who is funding this subversive and dangerous organization?" You are, Pamela - along with a host of Jewish Foundations and every other tax-payer in the country! Besides grants and contracts with various departments in the Federal Government, Discover the Networks has the following list: Between 2001 and 2004, SPLC was the recipient of 59 foundation grants totaling $3,326,425. The donors included: the Arcus Foundation; the Baltimore Community Foundation; the Cisco Systems Foundation; the Cleveland Foundation, the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation; the Columbus Foundation and Affiliated Organizations; the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan; the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region; Community Foundation (Silicon Valley); the Cushman Family Foundation; the Dibner Fund; the Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the Edward and Verna Gerbic Family Foundation; the Jackson and Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust; the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund; the Grove Foundation; the J.M. Kaplan Fund; the J.P Morgan Chase Foundation; the Kaplen Foundation; the Open Society Institute; the Albert Parvin Foundation; the Picower Foundation; the Jay Pritzker Foundation; the Louis and Harold Price Foundation; the Public Welfare Foundation; the Raine and Stanley Silverstein Family Foundation; the Spiegel Foundation; the State Street Foundation; the Steinberg Charitable Trust; and the Vanguard Public Foundation. Seems my Father was right: "The Allies won the battles of WWII; the National Socialists are winning the war!"
Thank you for this Pamela. Has anyone looked at the infiltration of the various federal agencies, prior and since the First Gulf War, of the Islamist apparatchiks we know CAIR et al has placed?
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on McVeigh Mania at Atlas Shrugs
Not as much as I miss President Reagan. GHWB, WJC, and GWB - elitists all - collectively opened the doors for the entrance of the monstrous socialist takeover Soetoro/Obama and his myrmidons are hell bent on instituting. Time to trash all of their programs and clean up with bleach and disinfectant. Keep disinfecting, Pamela!
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2010 on uh, yes........ at Atlas Shrugs
Go Sarah! Thank you Pamela. Here’s something that will turn your stomach: “Please help the world – COP15 opening film. More Child Brainwashing” (YouTube – 4:14) Someone should send this on to Gore: “Promoting science isn’t just about providing resources — it’s about protecting free and open inquiry,” he said during the signing ceremony. “It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda — and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.” — Present (no id) Barack Obama March, 2009 (Lifting the ban on government-funded human embryonic stem cell research.) One of the best sites I’ve found with real peer-reviewed scientists in charge: Science and Public Policy. I pulled down Christopher Monckton’s Dissertation PDF from there and he eviscerates Gore, Jones, and Mann with concrete facts.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Palin's Political Climate at Atlas Shrugs
Thank you Pamela for a great speech and a great compilation of FACTS that most of your detractors fail to acknowledge. I know I need to sit down and run through it again - with a notepad at hand! Hope you don't mind, but I culled and paraphrased one comment that hit home for me: "We all talk about the 'Greatest Generation' - our Fathers, Brothers, Cousins - who saved the World from tyranny. What will our Children have to say about us, we that gave up Western Civilization to the International Socialists and Islamists?"
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on VIDEO: Pamela Geller Speaks in Texas at Atlas Shrugs
Hi Pam -- I added this info on link above: I just pulled this Certificate in my Cert. File on Firefox; it is issued by GTE CyberTrust Solutions, Inc. to Akamai Technologies, Inc. valid 5/11/2006-15:32GMT and expiring 5/11/2013-23:59GMT (the Local Time indicates it was issued in the US Eastern Time Zone). It is listed as a Critical certificate. I have no idea what it all means, but the certificate is real. (Addendum -- Or maybe the Time indicates that I am in the EDT!) Here's the page on GTE CyberTrust Solutions, Inc. from -- go read the whole thing. CyberTrust Solutions is a three-year-old commercial initiative for GTE, a telecommunications company known worldwide for developing government and defense communications systems and equipment. Its customers include the National Security Agency. CyberTrust evolved from work that GTE Government Systems was doing in high-security cryptography-specifically, developing key management systems for governments. The parent company quickly recognized that its electronic security products had wide-ranging commercial applications that could be tailored to business customers' specific security needs. "Bankers, retailers, credit card companies and other business clients seek the confidence, protection and privacy of traditional, face-to-face transactions as they conduct business by highly impersonal electronic means," Vignaly says. I've had several of these types of hits when hitting a link someone's sent me to their emailed newslink. Buried inside the link is the reference for the addressee that doesn't match coming from my system, so the warning pops up. While used mainly for security - which is a very good thing if you're doing your on-line banking (I don't!) or medical prescriptions; anything where they need solid verification that you are the correct party - it does track every IP address it interacts with and logs them. Normally I wouldn't be too worried - but with this WH and its marxist myrmidons caution is definitely warranted! Be safe.