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Simcoe Ontario
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I'm still waiting for the IS300H to come to america... RWD hybrid still dreaming besides the big boaty gs450h
if the rear seats don't fold flat this time oh Ford...
Yeah Canada can use a dollar boost, buy from us!
If this isn't cheaper than a prius why is Nissan wasting their time?
^^ haha although I will admit, finding these 1.0 ecoboosts on the used market sounds like a real gem... people will go crazy for the RS, but there will be a 1.0 liter always in my heart. Although digging my GD3 manual honda fit though :) but craving that tesla...
I'm shocked that BMW managed to sell so many ugly I3
anyone know what a prius retails for in Japan? at 16k USD this could be the cheapest hybrid ever, go Nissan!
Wonder how I can take advantage of the buy back program in Canada
I'm curious to see how reliable these units are as I know vehicles like the Prius has been proven robust in severe taxi environments.
Man curious how the engine will turn out as that is one complex modern turbocharging unit! Although those are some nice stats for the diesel as it wouldn't surprise me if you could get 40 mpg by babying it. But when you are driving this kind of car you are probably going to get less than that ;)
that's the dream, to save enough to lease the tesla model 3 on my business haha. Great article!
wow thanks for the review! The all in price for the new spark is only 9999 cad, so that's really a good price for the base model. Curious what the 5spd gearing is at but it can't be no worse than my 5spd 2007 honda fit.
yeah not that much better than the ford escape hybrid but 8 second run should be happy for most people in desire for a vehicle like this.
Love the tech involved, now the price against comparable supercars :)
man and i was hoping the AWD TDI would be available but next year i guess
if it is as wide as a 4 person car then what's the point? the savings from 50 mpg to 84 mpg is not that crazy to begin with (as opposed to 10 to 30 mpg that's huge!) Looks like a used mitsubishi mirage looks like a better bet
this is the new benchmark for the small car! all manufacturers I hope will follow suit!
considering the smart for two sold in decent amounts, these new improvements should make the car more desirable than ever!
yeah with my 2009 TDI, this new electric biturbo should eliminate all jerkiness or lag when needing passing power as the DSG needs to upshift one gear before providing me the OMPH I need to pass someone. although pure electric vehicles don't have this problem :)
once again these are powertrains that will never see the light of day in the North American market... although that yaris hybrid, does it have the same powertrain as the prius C here in NA?
it would be interesting to have a supercap, since my current generation prius (NHW20) I find it is very easy to overheat the battery even in sub zero degree C weather! Then again this is like driving in pure stop and go traffic for over an hour! When hypermiling its actually tough to overheat the damn thing, but when driving to keep up with traffic and such the regen capability increases to warm up battery temperature, then once its reach it begins to decrease as it heats up past its optimal. In the summer the effect is greatly compounded, but keeping the vents and blowing the A/C helps a lot! But not enough to maintain full regeneration capacity 100% of a long say 3 hour city driving trip. Can't wait for that nano phosphate though! I will put it to the test! Then again my prius battery has 320k so it could be showing its age?
more competition is good so that the bmw 328d does not own the US market.
yeah an entry level RWD hybrid would be very nice right now! the gs450h is too expensive for the average consumer. Then again the is300h had mediocre reviews on its performance, its cheesy racing emulated sounds just shows how much of a joke it is.
forgot to add which is why i like my prius, it can be a hauler when it needs to be