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Phil Obbard
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Beautifully written. I think this is the only Universal horror "origin" film I've never seen; this piece makes me resolve to finally see it before another October 31st passes us by.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2017 on A Family Tragedy: The Wolf Man at Sunset Gun
I'm glad you drew the SAT comparison; I was reminded of it too by this unfolding story. The New Yorker profiled Stanley Kaplan a little over a decade ago, explaining how the SAT was created to try discern intelligence and ability instead of how much an applicant had studied/crammed, reflecting the concern of the time that certain groups (read: recent immigrants or others lower on the social scale, like Eastern and Southern Europeans and many Jews) were performing well academically simply because they studied more, not because they were as smart as other white groups. By comparison, Kaplan saw the SAT as just another test, and designed a program to prepare students accordingly.
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Oct 14, 2011