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Hi Martin - you are right that there is something significant here. I think you can phrase it in something like the following way: we we take openly available data and process in a way that new insights become possible. Arguably these are kind of Frankenstein data sets - created from other bits of data but not reducible to them. At present the tendency is to think only about the ethics of data release at the time of original dissemination but I can foresee a future when you will also have to think about the ethical implications of mashups, etc. in the same way and possibly even have to get panel approval for them. It's the aggregation of lots of small pieces of (relatively innocuous) data that's the issue. But it cuts both ways - it can be argued that the potential benefits of big data mean we have an obligation to share widely but at the same time the privacy of the individual/group can be compromised by the patterns that are revealed. The NHS Care Data issue is a good example of this. Luciano Floridi spoke about this issue at the BERA ethics workshop earlier this month. You can see my notes from the session at (see the section entitled ‘Big Data, Small Patterns, and Huge Ethical Issues’)
Nice post, Martin - I like the Olympics analogy. Any chance of you republishing this as a blog on OER Research Hub?
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I only come here to let out my inner snark
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Hi Martin - you may want to fix the link to JIME above... for anyone who is confused.
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I'm currently putting together an eportfolio for H808 and I couldn't agree more!
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I share Stephen's concerns... perhaps it's easier to be innovative with a journal that is already well established/prestigious. Being open to multi-media content seems like a great idea to me... but I wonder how many researchers would take the time to put it together...
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