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The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy
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. … and this is the experience the lucky candidates are having! … read . . Continue reading
. Short comedy piece … watch . . . . . . Continue reading
. Story from the Onion – especially useful as a link when posting to … watch . . . . . . Continue reading
. I believe that this would be the earliest of the prequels. … watch . . . . . . Continue reading
. Admit it – while you’re watching this, you’re waiting to see one of the animals revert. … video . . . . . . Continue reading
. Entertaining classroom demonstration … watch . . . . . . Continue reading
. Bookmarked only as a reference. I don’t like this video very much, as it blends two things I don’t care for – political correctness and inappropriate sexual innuendo (toward a married man, no less) – but at over 13 million hits on Youtube, it becomes a relevant cultural reference.... Continue reading
. Previously listed as a response to a video by Obama Girl, in which (if I remember correctly) OG took a much more personal interest in the candidate than most. This video seems to parody that one. (See above post) This is at once more wholesome and more interesting than... Continue reading
Parody of the gorefest about Thermopylae that came out a few years ago, in which five of Sparta’s least elite warriors are sent out to defend a goat pass. … watch . . . . Continue reading
Surrealist comedy about a contract killer. … watch . . . . Continue reading
Video about a sadly neglected historic community. … watch . . . . Continue reading
The Socialist Realist version of LOLCats … visit Continue reading
The man who would be America’s first metrosexual president? Edwards will never live this down. … watch . . . . Continue reading
No caves in sight, but some nice church architecture. … see Continue reading
. . This one might give you a slight headache. Photo of very large, moire based piece. … look . . Continue reading
A parody of environmental action sites, this is said to have fooled a fair number of the middle school students who saw it into thinking that they were reading about a real species. … read Continue reading
An article which I view with a great deal of doubt, for reasons given in this post on the main blog, but which seems to be getting a lot of attention. A marine archaeologist thinks that he has found a stonehenge like structure under the Lake … read Continue reading
Low budget horror spoof … watch . . . . Continue reading
Piece in which the narrator, on meeting a homeless man, comes face to face with his own self-absorption. … watch . . . . Continue reading
Episode title: “Dates of Future Past” – Man goes back in time to try to prevent his own marriage. … watch . . . . Continue reading
Yet another testimonial about the service offered by Doteasy, a company I think I’ll avoid. … read Continue reading
Another example of what has become of the rule of law in the United States. … read Continue reading
Creating moving, fractal like images using video feedback. The results weren’t attractive, but it’s an amusing gimmick. … watch . . Video Camera Fractal Loop – Metacafe . . Continue reading