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Phil Stilwell
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How can meaning possibly exist outside the mind of a subject who finds things meaningful? Imagine a king deciding the meaning of a subject is to clean the horse stable. What meaning can the king's decision have if not accepted by the subject? Only if the subject decides it is meaningful based on that subject's emotions and values does it carry any meaning. If some particular god decides that he wants you to worship him forever, but you don't find that meaningful, does it still have meaning? How? Because a slave accepts the plan of the master for his or her life, is that to say there is intrinsic meaning in the master's plan? How is that possible? It is only the attachment of meaning by a meaning-assigning mind that the plan is ever meaningful. Meaning therefore is not "out there" in objects or in plans independent of a mind that evaluates the object or plan to assess whether that object or plan is meaningful. To treat meaning as something magically imputed to objects or decrees or plans by masters or kings is ridiculous. Meaning only exists after a mind determines something to be meaningful. Looking for the will of a master to give you meaning is severely misguided, and is no way to live life.
It is really frustrating to note that claims of miracles do not exceed what we might expect from simple probablities and the unsubstantiated anecdotal accounts from those with vested interests. Is there a website where a collection well-documented and science-vetted miracles are listed? Is it possble place this list next to a list of Muslim miracles for the sake of comparison? Thanks. Phil
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Mar 7, 2010