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Cudi has 2 classic albums. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Let me guess Ms.Kudi, is that you.
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For the record, Sean was the one dude that Jay and Nas and all them dudes tried to sign but he was loyal to his dudes. He drops an album every year. I hate when these "what's on the radio must be poppin" dudes get on here and run they mouth when they favorite artist get dissed.
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Bespoke, HAHA. Let me guess, you are kid cudi. Figures with ya dum a$$ response. You don't know what was asked, you only see what they show you. You're a dum a$$ to even say that Sean ain't the front line of BCC. How you gonna even gonna type up them words. That's how I know you's a katt stacks. haha. Kid Cudi is wack. Straight Garbage. Here one day and gone the next.
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