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Phoebe Baker
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Yes! Totally awesome. And thanks for the info about QR codes, I have a smartphone and I still didn't really understand what they were.
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This is a great idea! I also think decoupaging Spoonflower fabric onto furniture would be fun:
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Amazing stuff. Very imaginative, quirky, and beautiful.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on Illustration Love: Sophie Blackall at PAPAYA! BLOG
For voting, it would also be useful to have the button to submit your votes at the bottom of every page. That way, if you got tired and didn't want to go through them all, you wouldn't have to. When you get tired you end up flipping through the pages anyway to get to the end. And it would be fair because the fabrics come up in a different order for each voter.
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I signed up for the newsletter so I won't miss out. I'd love to learn some new techniques and have been interested in bookmaking for a long time. :o)
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Aug 16, 2010