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I've grown two of these! I'm actually looking for a new eglantyne to start in a pot at this apartment. I used to have Louise Odier outside of my house. Litchfield is named for a relic found in the Litchfield Cathedral that depicts the archangel Gabriel. Eglantyne is also sweet briar, and is named for the apple scent. Gentle Hermione is named for Hermione in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. I'll admit the Louise Odier had me stumped, because I knew it was an old Bourbon rose from the 1850's, but I had no idea who it was named for. This is what I found: But who was the real Louise Odier? Her mother was Wilhelmine Sillem, one of Jerôme and Wilhelmine Sillem's daughters. She married the banker Jacques Odier who, like his daughter Louise, loved flowers. A Pelargonium variant is named after him. Louise later married Eugène Cavaignac whom history remembers as the liberator of Paris. The general ended the regime of the Commune in Paris in 1848. From here:
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