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You're right, bloggers do love those comments so I'm commenting. I really like your blog and can relate to your posts, despite how different our lives are. But I guess emotions are the same with everyone.
Tis a fine barn, but sure tis no Mr. T, English.
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Yes, very nice, but was Frank Sinatra Jr. there? They seem to be sort of BFFs.
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Ah, I see. Just checkin. Thanks :)
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Is this the same Child's Play that accepts stories written by kids and tours around to schools in the country acting out a few chosen ones in a play? If so, I won an award from them when I was in 2nd grade for a story I wrote. It was definitely a high point of my childhood :)
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I guess I'm in that phase right now. I make my boyfriend nervous when I teeter dangerously close to the edge of cliffs when we go hiking. And I jumped out of the plane this summer. Guess I'd better make the most of this, haha.
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Math gives me brain ouchies.
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Dec 2, 2009