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My bad...WLW does allow for multiple posts to be opened simultaneously. You have to toggle it in the options.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2008 on A Test Post from My Notebook at Couplehood
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I use Windows Live Writer. Its a decent piece of software with an extremely decent price - it's free! And it connects to several blogging services. The only one problem I have with it is that it can't (or doesn't) open more than one post at a time.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2008 on A Test Post from My Notebook at Couplehood
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Not just saving for a wedding, but saving in general, separate your salary account from your savings account. I did that, and boy, my finances became clearer to me. Here's an additional tip: Save before you spend. I took out a sizable portion of my salary and plonked it off into my savings before budgeting on how much I can spend. That way, you don't get to imagine that you have a large pool of money to spend.
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Hmm...our wedding rings actually cost a little less than the engagement ring. And we didn't plan to have it that way.
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Waiting at least a week is quite good as it gets. Currently, I have waited over a year on a new Mac - my current iBook has an almost unusable screen, and its not the only thing that I have waited out for. But I guess different people have different levels of tolerance for waiting. Besides the wait-a-week approach, I also try the how-would-I-be-using-the--in-1/2/6/12/24-months'-time? approach. But beware of deceiving oneself over needs versus wants!
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That's why we finally settled on the cruise as our honeymoon, as we didn't want to follow a tour group, nor did we want to get lost on a self-drive trip. Just a nice time to chill out after all that hectic preparation.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2007 on A Honeymoon at Couplehood
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