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I got one for $49.99 in-store at the San Diego Fry's, with no discounts, a couple weeks ago. I think I'll be returning it, though, as its AM sensitivity is far below what I was expecting. Selectivity seems comparable to my Tecsuns, though, but not nearly good enough. I need both in this urban environment. I want to be able to listen to weak ( 2,500 mV/m) stations. (I don't live that close to an AM transmitter, but sometimes I visit friends/family that do.) Now if I can find where I misplaced the radio so I can return it ...
How would the PR-D15 compare - on speaker sound vs the GE Superradio III, AM selectivity & FM performance vs the Tecsun PL-398BT, AM sensitivity vs the GE or Select-A-Tenna boosted Tecsun, AM audio response vs the GE in wide mode or the Sony SRF-42? There are stations I'd like to be able to listen to in the daytime that are unreadable on the SR3 and the PL-398BT + SAT. Some are just too weak to hear any audio, and some are also further obliterated by local first-adjacent splatter (even in ±1kHz mode on the Tecsun). I'm hoping the PR-D15 could get splatter-free armchair copy (for example strong enough to stop a scan). :) For example, from near 32:45:40N 116:56:50W I'd like to be able to listen to via daytime groundwave: ● 550 KFYI (next to 540 XESURF) ● 680 KNBR (next to 690 XEWW) ● 700 KALL (next to 690 XEWW) ● 720 KDWN ● 750 KOAL (next to 760 KFMB) ● 770 KCBC (next to 760 KFMB's ~48 mV/m) ● 810 KGO (next to 800 XESPN) ● 840 KXNT ● 900 KALI (~4.2 uV/m, next to 910 KECR's ~29 mV/m) ● 1160 XEQIN (next to 1170 KECR; KSL would also be nice) ● speaking of 1170, could the PR-D15 null KCBQ (~N) well enough to get KYET (~NNE)?) ● 1180 KERN (~14 uV/m, next to 1170-KCBQ's ~132 mV/m) The list only includs a few target stations; there are others I'd also like to be able to listen to via daytime groundwave. Also I don't want reception degraded on, for example, 900 or 1180 when I'm near 11865 Moreno Ave in Lakeside. :) (On my Tecsuns, pretty much the entire band is wiped out there, with even locals being tough to hear.) If 900 & 1180's signals are at least as good as in Lakeside, that'd be awesome. (I suppose I could settle for reception like if absolutely necessary, considering low received field from target and proximity to first-adjacent locals.)
I'm sure it made a huge difference. In San Bernardino there's a co-channel 95 miles away that sends 6.5 kW toward me with its DA, but on an all-land path with a conductivity around 4-8 mS/m. If I turned the radio the right way I could maybe get a trace of KKDD buried under KZSB. Also I'm about 15 or so miles inland. On the beach using that GE, I'd think that if it weren't for splatter from 1kW 1280 KFRN in Long Beach, you'd think KZSB was a local.
If the SR3 is garbage, but I can still get listenable reception on a 500-watt station on 1290 from 195 miles away in the daytime: then I'd expect the great SR1 or SR2 to blow the SR3 out of the solar system. For example, the station causing the het on 1180 kHz in (1k het generated by LO in other radio - 729+450=1179; 1180-1179=1) is KERN Wasco-Greenacres, CA. Splatter is from local 1170 KCBQ, whose 50kW transmitter blasts me with 112kW ERP from 9.3 miles away and is the strongest station on the dial here in the daytime. For comparison, here are a couple recordings of Tecsun PL-606 reception on 1180 KERN one day when KCBQ was off the air for several minutes... barefoot: with Select-A-Tenna: Would the SR1 and SR2 get better barefoot reception from 1180 KERN, with 1170 KCBQ on, than the PL-606 got from KERN with the SAT when KCBQ was off the air? Or better yet, could the SR1/2's reception of KERN compete with this video - - of 1242 JOLF? :)
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