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Gabrielle notes that she has now: "set up an autonomous website with all the integral interviews. So if you click here you will be able to view them all - with additional information on who worked on the project. Any comments are most welcome." Once again, thanks to Gabrielle - a really great project, which with others such as the IADB one noted above, help to preserve the record for future generations.
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The Economist a while back ran a short piece on Facebook, "Primates on Facebook: Even online, the neocortex is the limit" (Feb 26th 2009, The Economist print edition, available at ). That story discussed, among other things, research on the number of friends with whom one actually interacts in Facebook and how that number is actually in line with research on primate social group interactions (associated with grooming and so on). So - despite the technology, our behaviors may not be so different than when we were up in the trees with the chimps.