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no all muslims need to return to their home countries. and if you were born in the USA or another country you can follow the low that is in that country or go to some muslim country and live and be muslim. stop trying to shove your crap down other people throat.
well when they kill all the women and girls off they well become full fledged homo and have children to keep populating their kind that will be a sight for sore eyes want it?
Zeid you are one stinking turd
I hate islam I hate the qur'an because both are it is evil. I don't hate the muslims I hate what they do and what they stand for. when people want to take charge of your life and rule you. the hate starts. because GOD made us free and satin puts us in chains. until we break away from satin we will never know what real freedom is. it is time to ban the qur'an in AMERICA and stop the building mosque where all the hate is preached. get the muslim out of the w.h.
it will come to a point that they ( muslims) will need to be deported. and as long as ob can stay in the white house. the muslims will get by doing what they are doing. so ob needs to go the sooner the better for this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS ISRAEL
PAM it is time for you and Robert to do a new book. about these things that are happening around the world. and put these pictures in it with capons with each and where it took place. the honor killings even here in AMERICA. oh by the way are you going to come up with bumper sticker. no to jihad and no to islam I speak out against this stuff as much as I can and warn people of the danger that is coming. if a stand is not taken against it. these savages do not have any respect for human life no matter how young. and this is savages at their worst
I want you all to know I have also lost 2 sons but not in this manner and I can say it is the hardest thing I have ever endured they weren't this young. but the pain is no less. will pray this man can find some peace. I put all things like this in GODS hands because I alone can't handle it. GOD BLESS ALL OUR FIGHTERS FOR FAITH AND FREEDOM. IN GOD WE TRUST.
did you see the post where the muslims are trying to worm their way on to AMERICAN NATIVE LANDS I know that the government hasn't done what they say they will do for the natives and I am sad over this. because I to have some Indian blood not much but I still feel our government has done them wrong. but they will stand with the muslims and what they do. I pray the natives will say no to these muslims. because they will want a mosque built and that will be all it takes to say they own the said land. they are using the natives for gain in AMERICA. and I pray they are denied. and they are savages (muslims) and use to there own gain no other reason.
it is sad the girls are treated this way and not letting them go to school. they are treated worse than animals. I know we have problems here in AMERICA but nothing compares to what the girls and women go through in these country's. and we have them coming over here and want to do the same thing here. this was a savage act by savages and yes I said savage.
like to know has any one on here get an e-mail about obama being deeply rooted with hammas?
Pam I really hate to say this. but no one and I mean no one has convinced me that their are moderate muslims.
don't wait for this muslim president to do any thing. he may be all for it him self who knows? except when it is his daughter. now that would be different wouldn't it? and what if it was his son in Charlotte n.c?
what doesn't offend these rag heads? I am so sick of this bull. I want go to movies any more and I hardly ever buy a movie because the fowl language in them. because it offends me. if it isn't clean I rather not see or hear it and I find some movies have been great but the language I can't deal with so holly wood loses a lot because of this. should I boycott them?
this is the the way I see things. the more of our men and women that get killed in one of these other country's the less ob has to deal with on the home front. when they come for him who is he going to call? and no one will stand with him because he is so evil. if this person gets another 4 years this country is gone. read fool me twice. you will see what is in store for this country. he has already started putting his plans in action. by cutting the military and taking from the rich and giving to others. but you don't see him digging in his pockets and shelling out to others he uses people to get where he wants to go. like all muslims he was taught well.
Pam if your add sets off any muslims or any one else more than likely they would have found any other excuse to do it some people can't stand the truth. right? and if any one does any thing it is because the truth is being told to the AMERICAN people. and that is the problem I would rather know the truth any day than a bunch of lies like what is coming out of the white house. (it is one of those if the shoe fits)
I am so sick of all the people who want to bow to the very people whom want to kill us. and the ones that want to bow to these people need to move to a muslim country and just keep bowing to them because they want to be their slave.I don't think they take the time to read and study about islam and jihad. and what it really means they think they are being nice and kind and in truth they are doing more harm to them selves and every one else rather than good.
This judge needs some book learning is all I can say. some one send her the qura'n and let her study. and see how she feels then we all need bumper stickers. NO TO SHARIA LAW AND NO TO JIHAD
this should be a wake up call. it happened in 45 it can happen again with the muslims doing their thing and ob letting them get by with it. we need to get out of the un. stand by Israel no one else. and see how these other country's like it no more AMERICAN money. we get the right person in that white house they will pull out of the un. PRAY
what gets my goat the person wasn't an AMERICAN he was a lying muslim living in AMERICA. but the nuts want to kill all AMERICANS for what this stupid muslim did. but it wasn't the film that started this it was pr planed job celebrating 9-11. and the rest is bull crap. wander if the ob is proud of him self? I blame every thing that happens on ob. because he bows to the nut jobs he is a coward when it comes to standing for AMERICA and her people.
why doesn't this family and the other millions of muslims leave the USA I and most AMERICANS know the meaning of jihad. and that nut case in the white house need to leave the country with his tail tucked between his legs he is as bad as the rest of the muslims. and another 4 years and we will lose this country.all I can say is pray the Jewish people will wake up along with the AMERICANS and not support ob again. just because he plays the part of the president doesn't mean he knows what he is doing. any body that bows to another human being is no Christian. because the BIBLE tells us not to bow to no man. and he does so I do not see him as being one. we have had nothing but trouble after him getting in the white house he is sicking I personly cant stand to hear him talk. know how you fell when you want to barf that be me.
Pam answer me something if Mona hates this country so much what is she doing here? you know we can live with out people like her she needs to go back to her home land and get raped a few more times. like I got an email a while back where some muslims raped this woman to death. is this what this woman wants I guess she is another nut case.
ob said we are not nor will we ever be at war with islam. we are and we will always be at war with islam. because islam kills, rapes, beheads, stones.any one that lives by the qura'n and obeys it do all these things. are making war on others and unbelievers. islam is evil the qura'n is evil and the ones that believe in it is evil and because they will do what it's says. bloomberg and holder in my book are.evil people ant get rid of bloomberg vote him out. holder well we will see in November to see how long he has a job.
John Rambo give it a rest will you?maybe the women of these women in these country's should do what that one woman did. town down their men fold sense the men are the only one's that are doing the causing their country trouble to begin with.
I see it as the muslim's can not stand the truth they are afraid the people are waking up to the evils of islam. and it is evil. people all over the world is starting to see the evil. evil is of satin. no other. and they the muslim's will never have peace as long as they live and believe in the qura'n and mo. it is time the country bands the qura'n. and the muslim's that live in the USA feel they have to live by this evil book they need to leave the country.
you know you don't have to do any thing to set them off just look at them and you hurt their feelings. any excuse will work. I watched the film and it was stupid to say the least. and what the person did was tell the truth. that is what they don't want people to know is the truth. keep up the good work Pam. GOD BLESS