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I Collect Words
Interests: over the rhine, blade runner, massive attack, bjork, led zeppelin, wings of desire, the kinks, portishead, johnny cash, pink floyd, cowboy bebop, the beatles, feist, cowboy junkies, nina simone, love actually, wild strawberries, annie lennox, horse feathers, in the mood for love, everything is illuminated, jitterbug perfume, magnolia, samurai champloo, sly & the family stone, the be good tanyas, chungking express, oscar and lucinda, trois couleurs:bleu, trois couleurs:rouge, 2046, skinny legs and all, the book of laughter and forgetting, love medicine, the saskiad, the odyssey, fleet foxes, the return of the king, the magnificent seven, the autumn of the patriarch
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This will be the day, then. A week shy of seven months and I will begrudgingly dismantle the co-sleeper and store away for future use. My little one slept easily and peacefuly within its arms for six months and a bit. He was already too olde for it by then,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2013 at Rabbit and Owl
Waits for no man. Meanwhile my little man passes the six month mark. He's an active little rabbit and inquisitive and very lovey. We're into summer now and I've Vowed to journal everyday. Let's see if I can't blog more often as well. ~.~ Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2013 at Rabbit and Owl
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for the insight. I think I already know this, and it is mainly because I have traveled parts of this road before. it just seems so different with this one. He treats me entirely differently. I have to understand that underneath, at its core, if this is what he is saying, then it IS fundamentally the same thing in a different guise. I cannot support that. My heart can't take it, again.
My niece is getting married in late summer and this would be a great yarn to try out on Hush Hush ( from Summer 2004's Sex and The Knitty. Beautiful colours!