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GTalk is not an effective solution. For one, it does not support SIP standards. With their acquisition of Gizmo, I would have thought they would have used the services and infrastructure to make Google Voice, but there has been nothing except one less option to link your Google Voice number. And let's face it, VOIP on the computer is more of a novelty. People prefer to use the real telephone to make a telephone call - crazy huh? Google Voice seems to have almost been afraid of using SIP. They will take your voice mail, and forward your calls. They integrated completely on Android/RIM and even as best as Apple will allow on iOS, but SIP seems to be the unwanted step child. Google Voice even makes you jump through hoops to use +883 numbers which Gizmo supported, and allowed calls to that number for free. Google has the capabilities and resources to be a SIP provider, and be one of the big boys. I would even pay a small monthly fee for premium features like making free 411 calls (which Google killed that service) and have E911 support. And Google can provide GV users with a sip address ( can work), and support +883 (append on the server end). Google has been rather stagnant with Google Voice, and only after years of customers complaining has MMS even been considered. In the end, I just don't see Google Voice offering SIP capabilities forcing their customers to purchase services and/or hardware to fully integrate GV with SIP services.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2011 on GoogleVoice's Next Moves? at VoIPWatch
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Oct 31, 2011