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No, I haven't, actually. The blog is undergoing massive cosmetic and structural changes. Check back in a week, I'll be back. Better than ever too, I promise.
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Ella found a new hangout spot in the neighbor's yard. Continue reading
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HI Marci, How sweet of you. I'm sure it'll be ok if you overnight it in a cool container. If I were you I might even freeze the cheesecakes first, then pack with ice. By the time the package gets there they should thaw but still be cold. I've never frozen these particular cheesecakes but cheesecakes in general do quite well in the freezer so I think these should as well. cheers, Pim
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Absolutely, I slice all the tomatoes and lay them out on a tray lined with a clean tea towel, sprinkle salt over all the tomatoes and let sit for about half hour. The salt will help push out the liquid from the tomato slices. Flip each slice once so that the towel can absorb the moisture from the top as well. Do this and your tart will be less watery.
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In Brittany and Normandy, where the best butter in France is produced, there exist little round cookies with fluted edges, made traditionally with local butter. They are called "galettes". The recipe goes something like this: butter, sugar, egg, and just enough flour to hold it together. Because the ingredient list is so short and simple, the flavor of these galettes comes directly from the flavor of the butter itself. They should, therefore, be made with superlative butter or not at all. Here in Santa Cruz, I set out to make these little cookies with a very special butter I churn... Continue reading
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