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Saw this video and reminded me of this blog. Trolls!!!!
I stand corrected, they can only sign player above the cap only if they use one of the 7 allowed exceptions. Perhaps a third max can be pulled in via sign and trade, or they can sign d. wade last and use his exception under the bird rights.
are you sure? I am pretty sure you can, you just get penalized dollar for dollar. Let me double check.
If riley can somehow convince bosh and lebron to come to miami and play with wade it seems to me that the only move is offer max deals and go over the cap. Mickey has the cash and for a coup like that I am sure he would have limited reservations.
great post GKall
I don't get the beasley in the suns argument doc. The heat are trying to teach the kid to rebound, play defense and make his team mates better. That would make him the best player he could be, he already knows how to score. Why have him out there chucking 25 shots a night and not make him accountable for any other parts of his game.
Sledge why do you even watch basketball. You continuously call out the best players as divas. Granted this wasn't the most entertaining game, but when healthy, G. Arenas is one of the most entertaining players to watch in the game.
heat are in a tough position. They need to give minutes to beasley, but they also need to win to keep wade happy. Tanking for the sake of beasleys growth is not a good strategy on the verge of a huge free agent season where you are trying to attract big talent. I think that beas is improving, but he is still not making the right plays all the time. I can also see spo being a little too quick with the hook on beas's case. Personally, I think winning is paramount, keeping wade happy is way more important than developing beas at this point. still, the difference seems to be around 8-10 minutes a game difference which should he play better I am sure he will be given them and the best situation ensue. On beas's defense the heat have looked good in spurts, but the other players are also making bonehead plays, and when beas makes them he is being reprimanded a bit more because he has had questionable play in the past. Case, the quick pull up 3, wade has done it, and it remains ill advised. However if beas does it, he will get reprimanded and wade wont. Obviously wade makes 100 great plays to one bonehead play, but perhaps beasley cant differentiate and feels like, why can he make those plays but I cant.
Ok so why don't you ask Hollinger how statistially significant defensive statistics are? 0 Wade called beasley the black hole in a TV interview I saw myself. And in many occasions the staff spoke about beasley sharing the ball. For offensive statistics everybody knows that beasley can score and is giftet, however if you are a player that is not playing within the team system, not playing defense or making your team mates better you are merely a player who is putting good points yet not getting the best results. They are calling those players lately players who only get their own. Recently one of the major statistics sites put up a very good argument about K. durant being one of those players. It was a good argument both ways. But seeing beasley play every single game last year, I can tell you that he was a serious ball hog and not a team player last year. He looks way better this year. Furthermore, you continue to put up stats and make ridiculous comparisons on a player who only played One year vs. players who have played many years.
I believe it was Ira that posted that a third drug suspension is what made Beasley attend a league mandated drug recovery program. However the overall point is that normal stable people are not sent for drug rehab on a regular basis. I am not sure how it is defendable for somebody to be told that you have a failed drug tests and to continue using drugs knowing the penalty. Still, it makes sense for you to defend a person who over and over is fined and penalized for not following simple rules.
One last point before I go. Although, I am sure that a simple statistics lesson will go over your head here is my last attempt. Statistics only have relevance when they have an adequate sample size and have power. Meaning that if I go in a game and shoot like crazy and score 20 points in 20 minutes you can go and obviously say that wow, he is a great scorer and this player is averaging a point a minute played which is insane. However, if the player only plays those 20 minutes the entire season you cant say that he is the best scorer of the year because he only played 20 minutes the entire year. Even though he did average a better point per minute average than most of the players of any team. In beasley's case (if you saw any of the games) every time he went in the game, he shot like crazy. Going as far as some other teammates calling him out as the black hole because the ball would not come out of his hands. So if you play few minutes a game and all you do is shoot then you will have great point averages, but to anybody who saw the games, you can tell that although he has great scoring skill, he did not pass the ball at all, make his team mates better or play any defense. So you can't take the statistics of a player who only has played 20 minutes a game for one season, and compare them to a player who has been playing for 7 season and been putting up the same numbers over and over. It is just statisticalliy foolish to even compare that. Sample size. I am not sure what your level of education is but all of this is explained in a simple statistics course.
I am not going trough the website to look for your stupid comments because I am not the moderator. You have posted ridiculous stuff in the past and have to live with it. Beasley also has been busted by the league 3 times for drug abuse and haslem has 0. How many times did kareem get busted? What happens if beasley gets busted again, suspension? So you think it is important to monitor his off the court behaviour? Because if he messes up again, he wont be allowed to play at all. So it does matter. I have explained many times to you that defensive statistics mean 0 in basketball, yet you continue to chant them like a mantra. Any person who has two eyes can see that beasley was a horrible defender last year while haslem was one of the best defender in the heat system. Why would you even argue stuff like that.
YML I dont have to prove my credibility. The majority of people here complain about beasley over and over again, and make ridiculous points like lets trade wade and keep beasley, beasley is going to be better than wade. Any person who only talks about beasley over and over again, is retarded. If you post all day about the same thing over and over again, then you should include yourself in that group, if you dont then dont.
Sorry josh, the people in this board only talk and complain about beasley over and over again, when it was proven over and over again, that the kid wasn't ready. Furthermore, the kid goes online and posts all sorts of crazy stuff on his twitter page and gets sent back to rehab for another month. The staff has been complaining about maturity over and over again and he proved it. In the basketball court beasley was horrible in the playoffs and not ready. Therefore the entire year, people like you were posting stuff that had no merit and was wrong. Beasley tards. Again, tell me how you would handle the simple situation of a kid that is not doing what he is supposed to as a proffesional, not following rules and getting busted over and over for drug abuse. Ohh I know, why dont we start him and give him more minutes. On top of that he was a defensive liability. Sorry, your posts last year and in general make you one of the biggest beasley tards. You hated on haslem wishing him illness on many posts and then when people call you on it, you start backpedalling and changing your tune.
Sledge I have the bball package and watch tons of bball games. It is you who are on total crack. EVERY single bball player complains on most of the calls. Did you see the boston vs. calvs game? Lebron who never fouls anybody was up to 4 fouls and he complained the entire time. Sorry bro but you are full of shi t on this one.
for the beasley tards. He is looking great this year and given more minutes. I have no idea how you complain after we finally win in indiana after 12 attempts. The guy was in rehab for an entire month during the summer and now all of you want him to baby sit your kids. I gurantee you that if he continues to play the way he is playing in the first two games he will be given even more minutes and will probably finish some games. I just dont get all the hate on haslem who is a free agent and has been a great contributor all his years as a heat player. How can you be sick to your stomach when we are winning by 15!!!! in the 4th quarter. Ridiculous.
for the beasley tards. He is looking great this year and given more minutes. I have no idea how you complain after we finally win in indiana after 12 attempts. The guy was in rehab for an entire month during the summer and now all of you want him to baby sit your kids. I gurantee you that if he continues to play the way he is playing in the first two games he will be given even more minutes and will probably finish some games. I just dont get all the hate on haslem who is a free agent and has been a great contributor all his years as a heat player. How can you be sick to your stomach when we are winning by 15!!!! in the 4th quarter. Ridiculous.
Sledge on your previous post. the heat are mediocre, they were 43-39 last year, that is north of .500. 5th seed in the playoffs so not mediocre in any sense. Unless mediocre means not as good as the best teams in the entire league. You continue to call dwayne wade a diva because he complains and as you call it, complained his way into a championship. Well, every single player in the NBA complains about calls, so if you dont like that, then perhaps go watch ping pong, probably no complaining there. Your statements are baseless, dwade goes and lays it out on the floor with the risk of loosing millions. He doesn't have that awsome cycling career to fall back on and his business savy has already shown to be a complete failure. I thought you would come back with more mature critizism on your last post but maybe the retards are right in calling you out when people call your basketball knowledge. Sorry he complains all the time is what every single player does at every single call, and if you saw the finals you can say he was given a few calls but in all honestly one of the best performances by a player ever seen. I dont know how any basketball fan has the balls to call out players like wade, lebron and kobe for what they do on the court which is the best in the planet.
You know you have a serious problem when you read a post that does not mention beasley, and all you can write is haslem apologist.
Actually sledge the heat are a little bit better than mediocre. They may not be as good as Boston or Orlando but they are as good as their record was and it was a 5 seed last year, which is not bad for a team rebuilding. I can totally understand the need to hate on the majority of beasley homers and basketball idiots, but no need to go overboard. I also don't like the diva wade comments. All the superstars in this league are treated as divas, however when wade plays he goes all out risking everything. I think that is the complete opposite of what diva is. You want to see a complete under achiever who was just coasting on talent, look at VC and even melo until last year. Uber talented players who are not leaving it on the floor every game. Sorry, but wade is going for crazy blocks and taking all sorts for falls just to help the team. You can certainly complain about the retards that post here, or the fact that all they ever talk about is beasley, but other than his business failings wade has been a monster in the bball court and I am sure you know that.
I think that Riley wanted D.Rose, but what is he supposed to say when he is stuck with a number 2 pick who is talented but with major issues. We will never know. The guy who is calling for Riley's firing should go follow another team like the pacers and see what they have done for the last 10 years. What a moron." if u r talking about me, I said he should retire, not get fired (although I'm not opposed to it). Riley is a maniacal control freak, which causes a conflict of interest since he's our GM. he's got a serious man crush on Haslem, which is impeding the development of last year's #2 pick... and he's cemented Mario as our starter (like if he was the next CP3 or Deron). besides Wade winning the ship in 06, what has Riley done for the heat in the last ~13 years? Maniacal Control freak? The guy runs the organization the way he feels its correct. Again, if you dont like the way he runs stuff go follow other teams and see what kind of success they have. Bill Belichik is also a maniacal control freak and you dont see anybody firing him for that. You want riles out? and who do you want instead. Year after year he has proved he will pull the trade or make the moves necessary to have a team compete. Nobody is perfect but as the heat stand now are in perfect position to pounce on next year. How many teams can say that? He has a vision and he is sticking to it. After all the crap that has hapened to Beasley there are still people defending him. Just to show you that if you think beasley is crazy, the fans will always be more ignorant and stupid than the players. Beasley is a kid with serious problems and if anything he played too much last year. The kid is not ready to be grown up. People mature at their own rates and you just cant tell people, "you need to be mature now". Kids will grow up at their own rate just like you and I and everybody else does. You cannot tell a kid to grow up any more than you can tell a person to be taller.
Again, they are playing beasley and Haslem together because they are the better players in the team. It just sucks that they are in the same position. Its actually quite sad that they are the better players in the team, because they are good players but not great. Thankfully we only have one year to go for Riley's masterplan and after this year we should be set for the next 5 years unlike the rest of the teams that were foolish and didn't save. The guy who is calling for Riley's firing should go follow another team like the pacers and see what they have done for the last 10 years. What a moron.
Sledge the heat may be a bit better than mediocre especially if chalmers and beasley improve. However even if they are mediocre there are some players in the league that are worth watching no matter what team they are on and D.Wade is one of them. Watching arenas when he is on is also amazing.
Sorry josh, but after hundred of posts praising beasley and putting down haslem (for no other reason than he was playing beasleys spot) pretty much labels you as a crappy person and a basketball fan. Very myopic to accuse other people of being bad people when you and many other put down other players on the team for absolutely no reason at all. Those that actually approached the beasley situation in the past as a simple argument of how to better the man not the player pretty much have a clear conscience today. The reality is that as things are now, we did not draft the right player. Hindsight is 50/50 and it is a tough call because Beas is such a talented player, and many players have messed up in the past and learned from their mistakes. But, the reality is that those demons are there and every single person who wrote "I hope haslem gets hurt so beasley can play" have to take a really long look in the mirror today.
The arguments on beasley were never if he could play ball. We all knew he could. The problem with beasley was if he ever had his head on straight to begin with. Riley, unfortunately didn't act on his instincts on this one and gambled on talent rather than character. It is just ridiculous to see the very people posting here over and over how beasley needed to play more and write crap about our other PF in order to make Bealey look better. When in fact, beasley has been in trouble with the rules from day 1 (rookie conference), and reprimanded many times over the season as Ira reported. Sorry but, Ira was completely right on this one and all you have to eat all of your words when you put him over and over as a beasley hater, etc...