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"the Comfort Women is not just a Korean issue since it is a proven fact that the Japanese military forced Philipine, Dutch, and other women to also be comfort women" Korean comfort women issue is different than the others according to many existing records.
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Check this out. There are many unseen resources. "The reasons why I am skeptical with Korean comfort women" Especially this one really shocked me. King Sejong to send prostitutes to front line ○傳旨咸吉道監司曰: 古者邊鎭置娼妓, 以待軍士之無妻者, 其來尙矣。 今者邊鎭州郡, 亦置官妓, 以待行客, 況道內慶源、會寧、鏡城等邑, 本國巨鎭, 居北極邊, 戍禦軍士, 遠離家室, 再經寒暑, 日用細事, 亦且難矣。 設妓女以待士卒, 庶合事宜。 (The King) sent the following instructions to the Governor of Hangil Province: “In the past, prostitutes were sent to camps on the frontier to service soldiers without wives. It had a long history. Even now government giseangs are stationed at frontier camps and administrative posts to service travellers. Moreover, on the northern frontier we have large camps, including Gyeongwon, Hoiryeong, and Gyeonseong, which are in your province. Troops guarding the frontier are far from their families and must endure two (years) of cold and heat, making their daily duties even more difficult;therefore, I think it is appropriate to station prostitutes to service the troops." -From Annals of Joseon, Sejong 75, Year18(1436)
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Mar 25, 2012