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Interests: My kids, my cats, my husband, the Episcopal Church, photography, poetry, non-fiction writing and reading, shoe shopping, making cat toys, making fun things for my kids, crafting of all sorts, irreverent scrapbook making, ensuring my children will need many years of therapy as a result of being my children, playing with tempra paint and straws, making my friends roll their eyes when I decide "oh, I can make that."
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Law firms themselves tend to be reluctant to hire pregnant attorneys (not all of them, but is easy to disguise it as a "not a good match" reason for not hiring), but I'm not sure that laws really do much to change that. Laura
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Thanks for all the great updates. I have a couple of suggestions/ideas/requests regarding the photo albums. 1. It would be GREAT if I could clone more than one picture at a time. Because I bounce from computer to computer, I typically upload a bunch of photos to an album that is not public and then whenever I have a chance (sometimes at work, sometimes at home, sometimes on my laptop...) I go through and distribute them to the correct album and add descriptions and such. But sometimes I have a group of photos that I would like to move all to a certain photo album and it's frustrating to have to open each photo and then clone it to the correct album and then delete it from the "dummy" album (however that is far less frustrating than other methods, so I'll take what I can get). It would be nice if I could select a number of pictures (the same way you would select multiple pictures to delete them) and then clone or even move them to another album. 2. Some of my photo albums are chronological, like christmas 2005 or Spring 2006 and I have a large number of photo albums in general. It would be great if I could make a photo album "closed" or something so that it wouldn't show up as an option when I'm uploading photos, but that I could still have on my typelist and still "get to it" if I needed to. So essentially when you aren't going to be uploading any new photos to a certain album, but you still want to be able to view that album from the blog. I don't know if that's possible, but in my perfect world... 3. Be able to arrange photos in a customized manner or have subcategories in the photo albums. For example, if I wanted a photo album of my house but I wanted to arrange the photos by room (kitchen, kids room, back yard) that I could group those photos together for view and do so in a way other than naming it Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2 and specifying alphabetical order. and one suggestion/question for typelists...when you add a new item to a typelist sometimes you don't want it to be at the top or the bottom of the list, sometimes it belongs between two other previously entered items. Is there a way (or can there BE a way) to select where in the list you want the new item to go? For example a type list of books I've read reads A Prayer for Owen Meany, To Kill a Mockingbird, Interview with a Vampire and I want to add a new book title between A Prayer for Owen Meany and To Kill a Mockingbird with out having to delete and re-enter any of the titles. Currently I believe the typelist displays in ascending or descending order of when the item was added to the typelist. So that's my 2 cents (or more). But really, loving my typepad experience.
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