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I'm with ya, Dave!! We watched in rapt fascination as the horror of near-tropical sub-disturbance Ernesto stealthily stalked or placid shores. We laid in our emergency supplies (12 bottles of sake, 2 loaves of bread, and three jars of peanut butter, a roll of tape and a box of hefty bags. We prefer sake in a crisis, 'cause it's best warm and completely eliminates the need for ice!), and hunkered down for the impending doom. As Ernesto made landcrawl, we killed the first 2 bottles of sake. The tension mounted as several leaves and branches in the yard appeared as if they might be about to sway in the breeze, and at least a dozen rain drops fell on our Cape Coral driveway. Oh, the humanity!! As school had been cancelled, we had no choice but to drink the rest of the sake and make the kids clean their rooms. Please tell FEMA to send more sake, and for God's sake please get the kids back in school!! Pirate64
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2006 on ERNESTO DEVASTATION REPORT at Dave Barry's Blog