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William Teach
I'm a Communications specialist.
Interests: Politics, surfing, NY Giants, NJ Devils, LA Dodgers, Sci Fi, reading, playing on the PC, golf (I suck), and lots of other things. Favorite author: Robert Heinlein Favorite Book: Tie between Starship Troopers, One of Us (michael marshall smith), and Tommorrow and Tommorrow (Charles Sheffield). Favorite Movie: toughy: Star Wars by a nose (runners up: Pirates of the Caribbean and Better off Dead)
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Hey, way to go, stealing an entire article from Charles Johnson. I'm no big fan of CJ, but, that is pretty low. Tell me, why is that you folks on the left seem to support the ideals of Islamists, ideals such repression of women, non-Muslims, free speech, freedom of religion, and gays? And, yeah, I expect this comment to be deleted shortly by you self-called tolerant leftists.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on Waving at Waterfalls at Whiskey Fire
Funny how liberals always decry any sort of sexualized treatment of women, yet, the WP made a big point about mentioning that bikini vlog (yummy) and you being in a "super tight Superman costume." But, hey, on the flip side, it is free advertising, and has the added bonus of making Excitable Chucky Johnson go bat guano crazy. Well, more than usual bat guano crazy.
Did you catch Excitable Chucky's disingenuous unhinged response post, Weasel? It ends with: I don’t expect Mr. Zippers to retract his lie because this is what he does, but I thought Glenn Reynolds used to care about the truth a little more than this. Will he correct the record? Only problem is, he writes "It's the State flag of Tenn. I've been to Tenn., and yeah, you're basically right. It might as well be a neo-nazi flag." He manages to further ramp up his loonacy and insult the people of Tennessee at the same time!
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I had to do it. I had to go over to search and see if that post still exists. And........yup! Down the memory hole! He hasn't cleaned out some of the other posts, there is a second one with the video of the Global Warming Swindle on the 10th, which should probably disappear shortly as Excitable Chucky watches the comments on this post, and then he bans me from even accessing his unhinged Progressive barking moonbat site.
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Would have been funny as hell if Palin had signed the Newsweek cover for Andrea, and then moved on.
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OK, I scrolled down the sidebar, and actually clicked on Sitemeter, and find that it says 981,577 (when I accessed it at 10:37pm). Not a million. However, you're almost there, so, pre-congratulations.
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Is it any wonder CNN is in last place for the cable news networks? Looks like they have jumped in to the opinion business.
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So Obama's campaign promises regarding Afghanistan were just patronizing lies? BTW, I should point out that I do not think putting more troops into Afghanistan will help. Personally, I think it will hurt more, as jihadis from around the world will stream into Afghanistan and Pakistan even more than they are doing now, much as they did in Iraq, but, at least in Iraq, it was a much easier battlefield tank Afghanistan and Pakistan. There really is no military solution, unless we just nuke the whole area where the Islamists are, which, obviously, will not happen. I do not see a "surge" working. And, yes, I am a real Conservative.
Yes, he did. Badly. And is now trying to make it sound like he was right. "Oh, noes, the kiddies might have been watching!" How many kids watch GB? Probably watching cartoons or Hannah Montanah or something. Funniest part is that Excitable Chucky has a paid ad for Glenn Beck's book on his sidebar.
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I've found that it often is an automatic decision in the software based on what is being posted. For about a week, my site was nailed as a forum if I accessed it through IE. Worked fine with Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Then, it stopped being treated that way. I suspect that you will shortly be un-blocked, Pam. Now, if I could only figure out what the heck is blocking my trackbacks to Wordpress sites. Even when I link one of my own articles, it ends up in the spam cue :)
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2009 on Blocking Atlas at Atlas Shrugs
It really is sad when Excitable Chucky has become more insane than Markos Moulitas and Andrew Sullivan.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on I won :) at Atlas Shrugs
Andrew, what part of "it's not a birth certificate, it's a certificate of live birth" are you not getting? I'm not saying he isn't Constitutionally entitled to be president, I think he most likely is, but, why won't he pay the $10 for a copy of the real thing? Certainly the hospital had to make one. Let's see a copy of it, not a computer generated CoLB, which has language on it (there is no way his father's race would have been "African-American" in 1961, particularly since his father wasn't an American) that would not have been used.
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Not too be too conspiracy minded, but, I wonder if America will make it into at least the top 20 within the near future, considering the way Obama and Democrats go after people personally who they disagree politically. Anyhow, it is interesting to note that 3 of those countries, Iran, Syria, and Cuba, are countries that Obama is courting heavily. And a 4th, China, is one where Sec of State Clinton said we would worry about their human rights violations.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on 10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger at Atlas Shrugs
Puppies. They are cute, cuddly, and do not pray 5 times a day. Seriously, is there anything that doesn't offend Muslims?
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I left a comment, as well. You know how much I hate to wish that something really bad happen to anyone But, he is going to do it anyhow. Again and again and again. RoP my azz.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2008 on Blogger says I Should Be Shot at The Amboy Times
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Way to go, Jimbo! I was writing something similar this morning, in terms of Move On PAC and Move On Civic Action sharing the same website, in which there is advocacy for a particular political party, which would be a big no no for a 401c4 such as Move On Civic. I wonder if you could link the website in to your complaint? Mine is going out Friday or Monday, just have to get it notarized. Again, good deal! Hope it goes somewhere. High time liberals were called to account for breaking the law, whether we like the law or not.
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Cat, I am so sorry to read about this terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If it means anything, my deepest condolences.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2007 on My cousins... Oh, dear God at CatHouse Chat
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Morning! Might want to let Samantha know about the domain change. She still has you on Blogspot. Site is looking great!
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2006 on Weekend Open Trackback at The Amboy Times
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