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Elise <3's Pixels & Sunshine
Sometimes Sunny Sydney, Australia
Adventures in Photography, Fashion, Design & Life
Interests: Photography,fashion,DIY,Craft,Design
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Jan 20, 2014
December whizzed by in a blur of food, wine, friends and family then more food, wine, friends and family and I didn’t get a chance to blog once. I had plenty of ideas and did a heap of small creative projects as well as having a great time trying out new recipes yum yum yum but the time to sit down and write about what I was doing just got away from me. I have vowed that I am getting organised this year! Yeah, yeah doesn’t everyone say that at the start of a new year….Well... I am still going to give it a red hot try. Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2014 at Pixels and Sunshine
I am a massive geek when it comes to gadgets for the kitchen, the home or the even the basic whistle and find your keys kind but when I find photography related gadgetry my level of geek excitement takes on a whole new reality. Think somewhere in the vicinity of hyperventilating small child seeing theme park for the first time after being trapped in a car for over 12 hours of mindless driving, hyped up on a jumbo 7 eleven mixed flavour slurpy, a super sized bag of red frogs and whatever other junk food you could find to bribe the child with to keep them quiet so you could just get to your destination and when you finally reach your destination, said child is on the brink of passing out from happiness all the time doing a jumpy sideways, crab walking, need to pee dance without admitting that is the case because all they want to do is blindly run head first into every available ride! Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
Cake on a stick covered in chocolate, you had me at cake! Normally cake pops are all about making a cake destroying it by crumbling it into little pieces and adding butter cream icing, then rolling them into balls and putting them in the fridge/freezer to set before you can get to the fun part, the decorating. Don’t get me wrong this sounds amazing but I have an easier way. I was given a cake pop maker for my birthday! YAY! It is a wise friend who knows that fast cake = happiness. Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
Do you ever get stuck on a colour ? I am mad for orange at the moment. I just seem to keep adding the colour orange to my kitchen. I started with an orange edged vintage pie dish and in the last few weeks I have scored some really great kitchen finds like a orange handled rolling pin, orange plates, orange plastic juicer and I even bought a mini orange food processor! Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
We are approaching beach season and while most people are starting their pre-summer diets, getting in shape & prepping bikini bodies. I have decided to go in the total opposite direction. I'm thinking more along the lines of how much butter, chocolate & cream can I cram into my oven / face this summer. Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
So this post is all about last weekend. It has to be my biggest kitchen weekend so far. There were some successes and a not so great chocolate self saucing pudding that I will re-attempt another time. The biggest success of the weekend were these Citrus Cupcakes! Yum - I wish I had one right now. I modified a few online recipes into one. Recipe is at the bottom of this post. Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
I have to show you my new handbag it's completely awesome and perfect for me! Berry + Bunny = Love! Jess & Fi have designed a really fun, vibrant collection of handbags called Made Beautiful which not only look great they are big enough to meet my Mary Poppins-ish hangbag needs. Well done ladies! Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
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Sep 8, 2013
I love sundays for many reasons. It's the weekend, it's my baking/create/craft/do things day & it's also the only day my ridiculously good looking husband and I have off work together. This is just one perfect sunday exploring the inner west of Sydney.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
WOW!! These are fantastic. So inspiring. I have never seen a gelli plate before & NOW I really want one. Beautiful work!
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This week I showed these pictures of my latest cooking creation to a co-worker and he called me a "Diet Devil". I would have to agree that I am a bit of a Diet Devil or I think the weight watchers term is "Toxic Friend". I do talk about food... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
WOW! That photo, it's like the being inside a childhood memory. LOVE IT!! p.s Can't wait to see the Way Way Back! So good to hear its good. xox Elise
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Aug 29, 2013
WOW!!! Your photos are beautiful & this looks so delicious :) Yum xox
Oh I love all of these!! But my fav is that phone case - I must have it :) xox
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Hey Bronnie, thanks for your comment :) It was delicious!!
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I look at this and see that I am really a big, big, “HUGE” kid at heart! I have put all of these into my virtual shopping cart at some point this week and then a voice in my head says "Really! Elise do you need a new rug shaped... Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
I have been a tad kitchen obsessed lately, don’t get me wrong I’m not a whipping up a tasty feast every night of the week its quite the opposite. You see during the week my husband and I work long and very different hours so I can get a bit uninspired when it comes to cooking just for me. I have however mastered the art of and I am pretty much on a first name basis with the thai place at the bottom of our street but on the weekends I love to try out new things and experiment. Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
I love a good vintage shop! Wait is there a word that means more than love? If there is insert it here [ ]. I am a little retro obsessed. I like things that are old, that have meaning, that have a history and I love that these objects proudly display the battle scars of their past. I always have. I think I have the early stages of hoarding - no lie, it started when I was little with my inability to throw things away and this has stayed with me ever since. I can tell you the story of every item in my house. Where it came from, how much it cost or who gave it to me and the emotional sentiment I have attached to this poor unknowing item. I’m pretty sure this is hoarder mentality. Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
If you're ever in Kampot, Moi Tiet is a MUST to check out. If I remember right the name means 'one more please' so do just that! Have a drink and a chat with the super friendly owner. It's a bar, tattoo parlour and creative space that seamlessly turns one drink into many and ends in a hilarious but futile search for a tuk tuk driver named ' The Fonz'. Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
These seats are really easy to make and a inexpensive way to make some extra seating for outdoor bbq’s or parties. Mine cost $3 to make. I made the darker two last summer and at first the hessian bag can be a little scratchy but after a few sittings they are really comfortable, light and handy extra seating to have around. Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
My current shoe crushes! I would love 1 or all of these to magically appear in my shoe collection. Wish there was a shoe fairy, kinda like a tooth fairy so you get a shinny new replacement pair of shoes under your pillow any time you lose/break/wear out an old... Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2013 at Pixels and Sunshine
Hi, Wild Redfern Woman. Thanks so much for your kind comment :) Im sure I will have many more mishaps along the way and I will make sure to work them in xx
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Jul 26, 2013