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Ah, blessings to you all for your new chapter! I have loved your blog for a few years now, starting from the endless hours I sat feeding my eldest when he was a baby. He's just a few months younger than your beautiful youngest lass here and also about to start school, our chapter of part-time Waldorf kindergarten / part-time homeschool just finished. It's inspiring for me to see how you have evaluated what is right for each child, each year. I had planned to continue home-educating my son but this plan has needed to change in order to best meet his needs, particularly his special educational needs and those of our family right now. (In particular, I have struggled to facilitate the more focused work he has a thirst for with our energetic toddler clambering around!) I feel a little sad about this; about saying goodbye to the home-ed life that I have seen on blogs such as yours and that I have seen him thrive from in some ways (and ourselves enjoyed the many upsides of!). However, the school we have found seems to have a lovely community and amazing support for him and for us to embrace. Love and light for your transition mama,♡
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Aug 25, 2018