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Funny, Dave in MA--
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Well, it's convenient because you don't need to carry a bottle opener
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She looks like she got a couple of scroti stapled to her face--that is downright bizarre.
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I think you have the right route, JIB.,Safe travels.
That pornstache story sure was Orwellian.
MM @12:13--very good. One could also read those state abbreviations as Kaka-Nyeh nyeh
Gus, rest up and focus on healing. The troll will still be here when you're at full strength. NYC crime is on its way up. Two tourists were beaten severely on a Brooklyn subway a couple of days ago and no one intervened. The bad old days of the 70s are coming back.
sounds like it will be a disaster for the civilian population, some of whom might even be good people
All this talk about Horowitz reminds me of the old Allan Sherman song parody where he took an old George M. Cohan song and made it about Vladimir Horowitz. "He plays piano good, like a real piano player should, HOROWITZ hear hear!"
funny how a firewall, even for just one day, makes me not interested in reading Wretchard any more. He's written the same column a dozen times, and having to think whether it's worth paying for made me realize that.
Well, looks like we have a slight coating of white stuff in places. Should make my commute interesting this morning.
Jack, the air temperature isn't going below 34 so I don't know how much of that snow is actually going to stick.
You could make the case that under the doctrine of balance of powers, it's the President's duty to obstruct Congress. And yes, Dave in MA, if I could dance like that gif of Kamala, I could have been a stand-in for Elaine Benis on Seinfeld. You win.
This whole funniest poster election is about as rigged as the Dem nomination process. I am going to take Dave in Ma. out Kamala style. I was that little boy who was being bused to school.
Speaking of privacy and medical insurance, my company recently changed plans. As a result I had to fill out enrollment paperwork, which asked for social security numbers. I refused to give it. It was sort of a moot point because this very same carrier was my old employer's carrier about seven years ago, so they had my social along with that of my wife's and kids' but nonetheless, I didn't think that they needed it without doing a little work. Wouldn't you know, they sent me a letter stating that I had the right not to give them the info, but that withholding it increased the chances that the IRS would audit me? That was enough to intimidate Mrs. -peter, and she mailed the info in. Really, we have very few rights these days.
glad to hear Janie!
We're in dreamland if we think the GOPes of the Senate are going to put CJOTSCOTUS under oath.
thank you. I did not realize it until just now, but parts of Maloney's CD include parts of Long Island City, Queens and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Apparently the border line between AOC's district and Maloney's is very close to where I work. Ain't I lucky?
Who's the broad in the red dress behind Nadler as he announces the articles? I don't think I ever saw her before
I have a friend who suffers from depression. His father was a raging, abusive alcoholic, who was probably trying to self-medicate his own depression issues. He was my adversary on a case many years ago and we have remained in contact. He works with many organizations to remove the stigma of discussing depressed employees at various places of work. He publishes some excellent links for coping with this very common issue in his blog. I will see if I can find the address of his blog and send it to Jane.
Another good article about immigration from the American Greatness blog:
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2019 on On To Impeachment! at JustOneMinute
Pretty good article by Daniel Horowitz at CR about what the impeachment is meant to distract us from: open borders. The left always remembers "the long march."
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2019 on On To Impeachment! at JustOneMinute