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Longing to know and share every day life with Jesus; multiplying and connecting local communities of people who long to do the same.
Interests: PHIL: music, guitars, computers (both kinds), photography, films, video, philosophy and theology (as long as it actually "does something"): CHERYL: art, film, video, story, teaching, learning, gardening
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Mar 15, 2010
Great summary of Frost from Ross! I've been doing the "Forgotton Ways" course on-line with Alan Hirsch..who makes the same point. If Ross sends you those pdf notes..maybe you could "share" them?
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2007 on What in the World Is a Missional Church? at ZOO MUSE
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Hi guys.. Hope you're having great family days. Really sorry to hear about your laptop. They don't bounce well. Matt (and Andrew Jones) would say "It's time to get a Mac." Praying for you as you make this transition... Andrew Jones was just up in Toronto (after our meetings in Switzerland and before Florida) and I hear he met up again with Canadian missional theologian Alan Roxburgh. [ Articles and podcasts @ ] I've got all kinds of questions for you in my head..but they'll wait. Keep us posted as you can. (Praying that the laptop issue gets resolved soon!)
Toggle Commented May 7, 2007 on Pass the Salt Please! at ZOO MUSE
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Great summary Rick. Frost/Hirsh (Shaping of Thing to Come) have a chapter addressing this theme arguing for the church to recapture more of it's more wholistic Jewish roots. Could it be that much of what we've (I've) thought of as Biblical theology may be more of a reflection of the gospel contextualized expressed through the various historical eras and "contexts" of the past centuries. Clearly (clear at least in Europe) Christendom (as a form or institutional expression) has failed. But the gospel remains powerful and alive and transformational. Can't wait to see the variety of non-dualistic / wholistic expressions of "church" that arise as believers put their emphasis on living incarnationally and pursuing mission.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2006 on CHRISTENDOM'S DUALISMS at ZOO MUSE
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We always thought you were "suspect". That's why we like you. Dr. Darrel Bock (past pres. of Evangelical Theo. Society, author and seminary prof) writes more on the whole "boundery focused" and "centre focused" theology idea in a short book titled "Purpose Directed Theology: Getting Our Priorities Right In Evangelical Controversies". (pub. IVP) I've passed it on to others who like me are trying to rethink and clearly re-articulate Biblical theology in the current cultural climate.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2006 on MORE ON ORTHODOXY at ZOO MUSE
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Reminds me of our experience of the "Irish mile". As in .."It's just a mile further down the road..." Canterbury is not only beautiful but thought provoking.. The whole experience of "church" was so incredibly different for believers in those days. In many ways the forms and modes of church have changed many times since the days of the Apostles. "Church" has been shaped and re-shaped many, many times not only by Scripture but by history, ethnicity and culture. Seems like that might have been part of God's plan. So why is it still so hard to for us to embrace and welcome (champion?) the changes in forms and modes when the cultural and world view context changes out from under us?
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Hi Rick.. We're part of new community that is looking hard at what it means to be missional and incarnational in our world. So this is a really timely posting for us..right in line with what we're dreaming about..
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