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Good riddance. The show morphed into typical pc lefty drivel delivered by the cloyingly sanctimonious Sam Waterston. Hollywood and the networks just don't get it. Like the biased agenda driven print rags they just can't figure out that their content is driving free thinking intelligent audiences/readers away. TV is a dumbed down wasteland.
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Never mind that Letterman has a wife and son who are the real victims in this. It's amazing the number of comments excusing his lack of a moral compass. He was outed as a corporate sleazeball and cheaply played it for laughs. His easily duped and morally vacuous applauding audience deserve him. Question to his apologists here, would treating your own family as shoddily be ok?
Another horny old celeb narcissist who has no moral compass, no responsibities to spouse or family, preying on the what ever Little Person that they can. The poor old horndog is lucky he lives in the age of Viagra. Letterman is a creep who will survive as there is always a morally undiscriminating audience that matches up with creeps like him. They don't give a damn that his wife and son aren't laughing along with them. Letterman is creepy. His followers are worse.
Add this disgusting Wordpress jihadi site, in English no less, to your list: There is no contact person or abuse link on the Wordpress home page. I searched the site, tech support is the only contact link provided. Obviously they don't care what someone does with their hosted blogs be it kiddie porn or terrorists. Hey, mind, sorry, this isn't a free speech issue. It's blatant recruitment of terrorists in the case of the site I've posted. We are at war with these idiots, are we not? The Constitution isn't a suicide pact. These people do want us all dead! Get real! You've got the muddled lack of logic and priorities that is the hallmark of clueless lefties.
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