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Well said. Speaking as an atheist and one of the younger generation that may one day inherit this beautiful island of ours, I worry about the government getting increasingly religious. This issue came to my attention a while ago when the prime minister declared his intention to make PNG the "richest black Christian nation on earth", a statement I disagree with since it goes against our nation's motto of unity in diversity. _______ Name withheld by request - KJ It seems to me that when it comes religion we're not that diverse and we do need to represent PNG's religious minorities and non-theist people such as myself. It is disheartening knowing that the government has a history of misappropriating resources for religious purposes and I was unaware of the wasteful exploits of prime minister Bill Skate and Operation Brukim Skru. It seems our current prime minister is continuing this trend by wasting resources on an inquiry, resources that could have been better spent on improving our country's health infrastructure. That said, religion is an important part of modern Papua New guinea but it should not come at an expense of the Papua New Guinean people Just my two cents worth, or in this case two toea.
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May 5, 2021