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With complete respect for your struggles, your journey and your faith, I have to say your writing sounds akin to that of a battered wife, trying desperately to convince herself that someday things will get better. It's not something anyone can tell you or convince you of. You have to come to the conclusion yourself, but that fear you feel of what it might be like to live outside the church, is only that. Out here, the debate is non-existent. No one argues it. And it's fantastic. At no point would you have to lose your faith, you just walk away from the relationship that has shown time and again to not appreciate you, not value you, and in fact not even like you. And out here, we also get better bread and real wine. I hope you take this the way I intended it. All I wish for people is to be able to spend their lives surrounded by others who love you, respect you and honor you. And that's seemingly not where you are now.
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Jun 27, 2013