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Melinda L. Wentzel aka Planet Mom
Northeast, USA
Planet Mom: It's where I live...
Interests: chocolate, italian food, golf, yoga, freelancing, the stones, led zep, train, john mayer, u2, everybody loves raymond, dave matthews band, my family, photography, boston legal, tom petty, the daily show, fleetwood mac, harry potter, walking, frisbee, pastel art, neil young, csn, the beatles, hendrix, b.b. king, marvin gaye, anything motown, popcorn, march madness, the u.s. open, wally lamb books, my big fat greek wedding, m.a.s.h., the red & green show, ellen, tv land, the shore, sleeping in and sweet, red wine by the gallon...
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Mar 15, 2010
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Sep 17, 2009
Aah, the "paper journal," a lost indulgence, slaughtered by the Almighty Internet...
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So sad. And so terribly true. I swear to GOD it seems I spend more time on publicity than on the craft itself--which is also undeniably sad. That said, perhaps we all ought to seriously consider the notion of tattooing our URLs on Brad Pitt's ass.
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See. All that "thinking pink" I did paid off! Ha ha! Congrats to you both!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on There is No Winky at Velveteen Mind
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Okay. I'm typing through a blur of tears now, so palpable is your longing for a little girl. Just one little girl. I feel almost ashamed to admit that I have been blessed with three, although secretly I pined for boys. Even still, I wander the aisles of department stores envisioning how handsome "he" would have looked sporting this or that adorable bit of clothing. To move beyond the bounds of reasonableness, I imagine "my little man" running like the wind through the cool grass, barefoot and sunkissed, his hair wild, his eyes laughing and his spirit free. Of course, he'd have my dimple, too, which just puts me over the edge in this all-too-real fantasy. Believe me, I feel your pain and am "thinking pink" for you in the months to come. :-)
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I SO COMPLETELY hear you on that. What is it with this I'm-entitled-to-everything-under-the-sun mentality with which our kids have apparently been indoctrinated?! Sheez! I wanna scream at them, "Toys?!! What toys?!! I grew up playing with piles of dirt and bunches of sticks--and I LIKED it, too!"
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2009 on Pottery Barn Lust at Planet Mom
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Thanx! I was banking on the notion that at least someone could relate to the cat vomit thing. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, I stopped by, too. Nice site. :-) My Five Ways... 1) I will purchase that which I do not need and kick myself for it. 2) I will forget to tickle the contacts/editors in my tickle file and lose out on God-knows-how-many wonderful opportunities for writing gigs. 3) I will fritter away untold days and weeks of my life online, obsessively checking stats, etc. instead of pouring myself into something more constructive--like the writing itself. 4) I will visit far too many blogs and beat myself senseless for not being half as good. 5) I will give my kids more lame excuses than I'd care to admit for not prying myself away from the keyboard to " with me, Mom." Ugh. I feel remarkably better having voiced that. Thanks for spawning such a cathartic exercise. :-)
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2009 on We Love Blogging at Everything Typepad
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What a terrific idea! And I just happen to have a post (my 100th) that fits the theme! "100 Inane Reasons I Blog..." Hope you get a charge out of it! I gave you guys a plug. Naturally. :-)
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2009 on We Love Blogging at Everything Typepad
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