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It was all a bit horrible, a bit embarrassing. She's not a natural dancer and she's not 'sexy' where moves like that would work. She needs more curves to pull it off. Plus 18 months ago she was still dressing like a 15-year-old girl, changing too quickly. It's weird.
WTF?? I still don't get why they blame Carrie for this. It's totally unrelated things. Is she supposed to have angered God or something?? Surely there's plenty of other things that could have angered him, there being, you know, 6 billion people on the planet and all? Either way their reasoning is ridiculous, it was some mentally adrift guy doing his mental thing and unfortunately resulting in this, the loss of innocent life. I think WBC were just trying to get in the media again because the connection between Carrie and the shootings is non-existent. Also - "vile United Kingdom"? :( well, depends on where you go, ha.
3 beers and she had bloodshot eyes and watery eyes, and slurred speech? No-one gets drunk on 3 beers here in the UK and our beer is much stronger than in the US. Crazy
The fact that Taylor has been doing this bullying ex-boyfriends thing for so long really irritates me, I just get a feeling she's not as 'nice' or 'sweet' as she claims to be and I also have a feeling that karma's coming back around for her soon.
Just saw this. Amen to your comment Shannon! Also well done to Carrie for being awesome :) I think it actually puts a lot of atheists and agnostics off searching for God when they hear Christians hate on gay people and their rights. Well done all you ignorant haters, you're going directly against spreading the word of God.
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Nov 16, 2012