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As an American transplanted to Norway I can verify that this is a killer recipe and the brown goat cheese adds an immense amount of flavor and creaminess to the sauce. The first time I had that here was a total OMG moment. And now this is on our list of things to make in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!
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I'm with Doctor Science about the dutch oven. I'm all about cast iron these days. Otherwise, between family and friends, healthcare and a secure job, I have no wants or wishes for Christmas.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2012 on Holiday swag Friday open thread at Obsidian Wings
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Teach me to not check ObWi more often. As an American living in Norway I don't actually miss all that much. The Americanization of Norway is quite far advanced. It was the little things at first, like decent mustard or mayonnaise (the mayo here is very sweet). But they even sell French's mustard here now and Hellman's is everywhere. We don't eat out often as it is insanely expensive (a meal at McDonalds will run you 12 - 15 bucks. A decent pizza costs 30 dollars or more) but I wish we had a decent Mexican place. Norwegians love tacos but apparently only at home. A really good hamburger is not easy to find (sadly, possibly the best burger in town is at TGI Friday's. Or at my house, according to friends). We finally got a Subway this last year. Candy is the other thing that we usually miss. Reese's are very hard to find. As are M&M's. The kids love Hershey's, probably because it is sweeter, but I prefer Norwegian chocolate (as does everyone we give it to.). Mountain Dew is also nearly impossible to find. What a fun thread.
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why must we always be #1 at everything ? what's wrong with simply living a nice life ? Commie! Seriously, though, this is one of the fundamental reasons I live in Europe and not the land of my birth. I am much more comfortable just living a nice, comfortable, secure life than in constant worry about getting ahead of my neighbors. To the topic, I use Facebook to talk to my sister, keep in contact with folks 3,000 miles away, share photos of the marvelous things I cook to make people jealous, annoy my right-wing friends and family with my links and annoy everyone with youtube videos. I don't really worry about the security and such because I don't really post anything there, or keep any information there, that I wouldn't want to share with basically anyone.
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I really, really dislike musicals, partly for the same reason cleek does. When I was a kid I didn't like any of the Disney movies because they kept singing all the time. But, I find myself singing "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye" when I am saying goodbye to people and it drives me INSANE.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on And I'm telling everyone at Obsidian Wings
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Nice tribute, Gary. Can I call you Gary? I rarely comment here, or anywhere, primarily for time/time zone reasons (I'm in Norway). But I have been reading this blog since the time of Moe Lane and it is difficult to think of the people here, even those I have never interacted with, as sort of online friends. I loved Andy's writing. I rarely interacted with him either but we did once exchange a couple of mp3's of early 80's music, of which I am also an aficionado. It struck me hard when I read that he had died, the first such "online" person I knew who had done so and the reaction surprised me. Who knew I felt this much about someone who I barely even shared personal words with? Sorry for your loss Gary. And Andy's family and friends. You guys lost something tremendous. I know this because I feel the loss and I didn't even really know him. Now that is impact he would have been proud of.
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Congratulations! I could have written exactly this when I got married.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2009 on My Wandering Days Are Over... at Obsidian Wings
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Wow. I rarely delurk, but this just sucks. There is no one on the web that I look more forward to hearing from than you. And I have never agreed more often with anyone else I have ever read. I am really gonna miss my favorite all time blogger.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on Bare-Faced Go-Away Bird at Obsidian Wings
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