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Paul Jacobson
Johannesburg, South Africa
Husband. Dad. Lawyer. Blogger. Evangelist (stuff, not deities)
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I bought myself a Kindle DX recently. I went this route rather than an iPad (the popular choice, it seems) because I don't want to be distracted by the social Web when I read. I found that when I read Kindle books on my Android phone I kept wanting to check out all the incoming notifications. With the Kindle all my attention is on whatever I am reading and I find that I read a lot more now than I did in the past. It is so much easier to carry a couple books around with me as well as my selected posts from Google Reader. I may just be part of that slowly aging minority that likes to read but I wonder if this isn't an experience shared with a broader audience and a younger one at that. I keep coming across younger people (in their 20s) who are really excited about the Kindle (they want the iPad too but the Kindle really excites them). Perhaps what we will see is a drop in interest in paper books but an increased interest in reading generally?
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Jun 3, 2010
Thanks for this review Tara. I have been using OmniFocus on my Mac and while it is a terrific GTD app, there is no Android version and I prefer not to buy an iPhone. I decided I need an app for my GTD tool on my phone considering I spend a fair amount of time away from my MacBook and started to explore RTM and Nozbe. I like RTM but I have a lot of projects on the go for various clients and RTM was starting to look pretty cluttered when I started adding all my projects (its possible I am just doing it all wrong ...). I like Nozbe but it has to work well enough to justify the higher cost and Nozbe has to put out an Android app to make it worthwhile for me. RTM has a big appeal to me. It seems to work well, has a number of mobile interfaces and is accessible across a number of platforms and browsers. I just feel like I could wind up spending a lot of time migrating from OmniFocus to RTM and find it is too cumbersome to work in practice. Or I could find that my GTD kung-fu is weak.