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Hi Jane - just popped in to add a PS as I've remembered that we had a plot holder up at the allotment who never added organic matter to his non-raised bed soil and relied on chemicals to do the job. His soil was a good one foot below that of the grass paths bordering his plot, whilst everyone else who orders a trailer load of muck every year has their soil above path level. So your observed phenomenon isn't solely reserved for raised beds...
I've found the topping up slows down after a while. I've also been mulching with grass clippings over the summer which has helped a lot - a top tip gleaned from that garden you recommended for us to visit on Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. What a great article by Alys - thank you. I found getting my fingers into the soil every day really helped when I was off work with stress a few years ago. This was my response to my Dr's prescription of 'doing something you really like' when he signed me off. What a wise man - it worked perfectly :)
Glad to see I'm not the only one who advocates the use of loo roll innards! They're great for growing on chitted parsnips too.
I can't believe I missed this post - I'm feeling a bit guilty I've gone for the big fanfare announcement and getting everyone excited whilst you've been quietly getting on with it. I'll amend your link over at mine so that it's clickable. I like your foraging book resources as well - very appropriate for what we'll be getting up to :)
I'm wondering whether the spending cuts will mean we'll have more opportunities for glorious roadside sights like this one. The verges by us have been spectacular lately and I'm sure there's been less cutting being done this year. I read somewhere that people find unmown verges acceptable as long as there's a thin roadside strip kept trimmed, which also helps to keep the sight lines clear. I wish I'd kept hold of the source piece as I'm desperate to blog about it!
Hmm - I can't decide whether it's the bareness of the trellis or the metalwork of the mirror I don't like. Once your plants have covered the trellis and have started embellishing the mirror, I think it'll look very different and your OH will be congratulating you on your wise choice.
Many thanks for the link love :) I've often joked about how the best crop on my allotment are the weeds. Like you, I've recently started thinking that perhaps I should start using them then rather than pulling them up. I'm also wondering when did we stop using these plants in the myriad of ways they've been used for in the past? I'm sure our ancestors considered pretty well every plant as useful, not just the few dozen we focus on these days.
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Apr 14, 2011