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>where it awaits assembly on a non-windy day. A good job you don't live up here then, Natalie. We're about ready to batten down the hatches until next April. We've been wet and windy for days now. In fact, it's been so gloomy that I still haven't seen my Solids club yarn in a decent light. From what I can tell, it is lovely. But I'd like to be able to see all the nuances before next year... *sigh* Anyway, it's just what I needed for my Bayret, and I cannot wait to get started!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2008 on Phew! at Hello!
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Well done, Adam! Sadly, I had to give up at 50 donations. Because of our geographical location blood donation is not possible, so I can't really egg on any of my friends to have a go. I'd like though to give an additional plug for marrow donors, if I may. Heck - let's go for organs too, while we are at it. I almost got to be a marrow donor a few years back but "my" patient died before we could get to hospital to do it. So many tests - it takes time that some patients do not have to spare. Most certainly, when I shuffle off this mortal coil, any remaining working bits will be available to anybody who needs them. So, if anyone signs up for blood donations, do please fill in the extra boxes, where supplied - won't you?
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2008 on A Twilight Barking at Hello!
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Happy Birthday, Natalie, and Happy Birthday to the Yarn Yard too. I'm in on the solids... As for the lace cannot wait to see it! Definitely lace looks better in a shaded solid than in a variegated, and I think shaded solids are better than flat colour too where lace is concerned. As for colours, I'm very keen on jeweled and peacock-ish shades - but also on very subdued hues that might look almost grey, but aren't. Hints of tints - like Dulux paints :-) Think softest sage, wispy willow, almost aqua, barely blue, slightly sea green... you get the gist, I'm sure.
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Oh, you *have* been busy! It all looks wonderful. The new shop is easier to navigate and provides a much better shop window display for the items. I like the use of the lightbox very much - it's good to get a really clear view of the photographs. The structure is good and clear and logical - it's easy to find exactly what one wants. A clear improvement is the ability to choose the dye job then select the type(s) of yarn or fibre wanted in that dye lot. As for the contents - they all look marvelous. The permanent collection is nice, but I do hope that you will gradually add a wider choice there. Ad hoc is exciting but short runs mean insufficient yarn or fibre for large projects. If I am planning a sweater, the permanent collection is where I would look. The new adventure yarns look wonderful and I can't wait to play with those. My favourites are the merino/tencel braids - the colours are gorgeous, it's a fibre that I enjoy spinning anyway and you can easily seduce me with offerings of that, and the ability to play with the colours more easily is a positive bonus. Now, point me at a bank I can rob in order to support my burgeoning habit.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2008 on Window Shopping at Hello!
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Gorgeous scarf. *Wonderful* colours. Good luck with the big move tomorrow!
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