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David Saunders
Plymouth, Devon United Kingdom
Affordable SEO Company based in Plymouth, Devon
Interests: music, ukulele, boats, seo, news, england, british tv, photography, kayaking, internet, sun, google, sea, pistol shooting, loafing on beautiful dartmoor in devon
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I'd like to see the url string with auto assigned numbers removed to help with SEO David
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Alice Cooper Plymouth Pavilions Originally uploaded by Plymouth DevonAlice Cooper live at Plymouth Pavilions, Devon England posted by Ab Fab Media Continue reading
Discussing/insulting newspaper business models is all the rage these days. Danny Sullivan has had some choice words for the whole “let’s give Google the noindex finger” thing and a few weeks ago Chris Silver Smith offered some SEO advice for... Continue reading
David Saunders added a favorite at Christmas Disco Party Oceana Plymouth
Nov 29, 2009
Search: Where Does It Go from Here? Nov 27, 2009 at 7:10am ET by Gord Hotchkiss If there’s one thing that both Google and Microsoft agree on, it’s that search isn’t solved yet. Google’s vice president of search product and... Continue reading
David Saunders added a favorite at Freelance SEO Devon and Cornwall Plymouth Web SEO
Nov 27, 2009
Wavy Davy Plymouth Originally uploaded by Plymouth DevonAb Fab Media and Internet Marketing David your favourite Google adWords and SEO expert poncing around on Thanksgiving Day on the Barbican in Plymouth Ab Fab Media and SEO Continue reading
Wavy Davy Plymouth Originally uploaded by Plymouth DevonDavid Saunders of Ab Fab Media an Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Design service based in Plymouth. This picture was taken at the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth and David is showing off his... Continue reading
David Saunders added a favorite at Freelance SEO Devon and Cornwall Plymouth Web SEO
Nov 26, 2009
Ab Fab Media Devon Originally uploaded by Plymouth DevonThe new logo and "look" of Ab Fab Internet Marketing, SEO, Website Design and Google adWords With the new Google Caffeine update looming we decided to go for a makeover of our... Continue reading
Will the online encyclopaedia that has become the first destination for millions of web users searching information end up withering away, as its worker bees lose interest in keeping it nourished? That's the question raised by a study of Wikipedia... Continue reading
At Google, we're committed to giving you the information you want — regardless of the form in which it might appear. Text is often useful, but sometimes videos and pictures are a more effective way to receive information. For example,... Continue reading
Small Business Website Owners ! The time has come for a makeover and a cms blog website stored on FAST servers. Things are changing soon and you need a FAST new, fresh and search engine friendly website to rank well... Continue reading
The name of the game in SEO is to find out what makes a page rank -- and abuse the heck out of that tactic until Google shuts it down. Thus, the ever-evolving list of what works and what doesn't... Continue reading
Microsoft has had discussions with News Corp over a plan that would involve the media company's being paid to "de-index" its news websites from Google, setting the scene for a search engine battle that could offer a ray of light... Continue reading
David Saunders added a favorite at Freelance SEO Devon and Cornwall Plymouth Web SEO
Nov 22, 2009
As you write a post, it only takes a couple minutes to optimize the title tag, post title, and URL. The benefits are well worth it because you’ll rank for more keywords, get more search traffic, and improve your click... Continue reading
SEO Plymouth Elizabeth Saunders Originally uploaded by Plymouth Devon Ab Fab Media Devon, Cornwall and Somerset - An advanced and affordable SEO, Google adWords and WordPress Website Design service based in Plymouth. This is Elizabeth wife and business partner of... Continue reading
Next year Rodney all will change and the SEO game plan is toast in it's present form! No more "ranking reports" "fakery" or fancy sales pitches! Watch it change after Christmas David Ab Fab Internet Marketing ** Ask Me About... Continue reading
WordPress Design Devon Originally uploaded by Plymouth Devon WordPress CMS - Content Management System - for your website design needs. Small businesses NEED a WordPress blog to rank higher on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Social Media Marketing sites. We build... Continue reading
From today users of the BBC News website will start to see a slight change in some of our headlines on stories. In some cases these will be longer than they are now, to allow us to spell out in... Continue reading
SEO Plymouth Advanced, intelligent SEO, search engine optimisation, based in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon. Organic SEO, Paid Search, Blog Set Up, Web Design, Reputation Management, SEO Training and Online PR. Follow my roadmap to success and you will be on... Continue reading
Clients can easily become obsessed with on-page SEO, constantly tweaking title tags, headings, and on-page content. While these activities are important at the right place and time, people shouldn't get obsessed with it. Do the necessary work up front, make some decisions, and then move on. Tweaking on-page content on existing pages quickly begins to offer you diminishing returns. In addition, you probably have limited resources for SEO. As a result, every minute you spend tweaking (and re-tweaking) on-page factors is a minute you don't spend on promoting the Web site (collectively this includes link building, PR, and social media... Continue reading
Yahoo! Adds Tweets, Breaking News to News Shortcut After announcements from Google and Bing about incorporating Twitter into their search results, Yahoo! is throwing hopping on the real-time results news bandwagon. Yahoo!'s Twitter integration is part of a new update... Continue reading