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I spend too much time thinking about software.
Interests: software engineering, smart mobs, blogs, ASP.NET, C#, psychology.
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I have to +1 the "French Laundry" book + Blymire FL@H blog combination, as the blog drew me in to buying and then cooking from the book, and gave lots of battle-tested information about how. As a lesser parallel, I find it useful to read the recipe reviews, when a website makes them available, in order to see the flops, workarounds and amendments that people have made in their kitchens in order to apply them in mine. Natalie Sztern wrote: > I actually wish I could open a cookbook and press a button and watch the cook doing the video of the printed recipe in front of my eyes.... I love this idea, and think someone must be working on it now. My own dream is to have an iPhone or Kindle or application (something that I can keep handy in the kitchen) that 'coaches' the recipe/meal... from ingredients and mise-en-place to timers for each step to pictures of what things should look like at each step. I know it's out there, just waiting to happen.
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I like (and am sad to see it neglected here) Julia Child's 'The Way To Cook'. Its aim is to teach, its recipes are great, its pictures are helpful, and her wise and funny stories and hints are the 'icing on the cake'. Also votes for 'Mastering the Art', Joy (older), Alton Brown's books. I'm enjoying how 'How To Eat Supper' is teaching me what it claims to do, but that may be a second course or a refresher.
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