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This guy, money or not - Lived. God bless.
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"Czar" hah how fitting !!
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on OBAMA SIGNS OFF ON INTERNET CZAR at Atlas Shrugs
while it's a novel tactic, it's not viral (at least yet). appearing on other websites, unless we're talking hundreds, thousands, or millions by definition isn't viral spread. hotmail was viral, purplue cow creative is viral...this hasn't met the threshold on utility or "consumer delight" dimensions. as for reaching 'influencers', the key is treating *everyone* like an influencer. influencer theory appears to be proven empirically as 'toast'.
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i'd classify that as guerilla marketing, not viral. ambushing celebs and their entourage is forcing oneself at the top of the food chain not eliciting garden variety music fans to spread your music because of geniune interest.
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