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@Davemart: I expected this to be way over your head. Rambling on about things you never said: A slightly irrelevant truth is preferable to entirely and wilfully false statements. Posted by: Davemart | November 07, 2014 at 12:27 PM on this thread. Arguing with you is obviously a waste of time.
@Davemart So you want to be bunched up with the clowns that claimed each Volt cost a quarter million to build? No problem. You also think that quote "A slightly irrelevant truth is preferable to entirely and wilfully false statements." You seem to dispense a lot of both! How much did the taxpayer pay for those ZEV credits again? The right answer is: nothing. How much money is TSLA making on each car sold: The right answer is: Enough to cover r&d for two new models, rapid expansion of production capacity and to fund their leasing program. If you run your numbers on the viability of FCEVs much the same I am not surprised you convinced yourself that they are remotely competitive.
@Bob Wallace: If Tesla pays $180 to Panasonic that is a decent premium over commodity pricing for 18650 cells currently around $110-150 depending on chemistry. Since Tesla engineered out a lot of the costly items in a standard latpop cell I doubt they pay that much. As far as competition between EV's and HFCEV's: Tesla's cost to build a Supercharger station has been reported to be between $100-175k For the €20M (~$25M) mentioned here they can roughly build 150 - 250 Supercharger stations. Given that ~90% of charging in an EV happens at home this would serve ten times as many customers as a hydrogen station. Now you divide that by two since a supercharger takes about twice as long to service a car and you get down to 5 times as many customers. So you will have to spend around five times as much on infrastructure to dispense a fuel that is about five times more expensive than electricity. Good luck trying to compete!
@O TOLMON NIKA Not sure why you are bringing this straw man into the discussion. Tesla has not entered any franchise agreement and is thus not, unlike other manufacturers, bound by such an agreement. NADA is the one trying to bend the law to their advantage, not Tesla. NADA has tried to sue in court and got kicked out. Only after they failed in court they started with dirty politics.
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Apr 4, 2013