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Phil Myers
Interests: Love to golf.
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Thanks Margaret! Even harder in today's environment but at some point you have to ask yourself what master you want to serve first ... the purpose of your business or the P&L engine.
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Tim, Thanks for the new thought. The trouble with today’s environment is the mix of personas is really growing. Some old, some new but most of them disconnected from reality. And those that are see only one vector … how to reduce costs. The definition of a death spiral is when you only focus on the firm and not the market during a crisis. Not much good comes from that perspective and it’s really hard to turn in the right direction once you’re headed south. Keep up the great work at Elastic Brands! All the best, Phil Phil Myers o: 480.342.8820 c: 602.284.8142
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Thanks Demeron! All markets have opportunities, even down ones. Problem is they are usually different than the ones you've been pursuing. Good luck in finding your resonator. All the best, Phil
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Thanks Janna! Your industry is not alone. It is a natural reaction to preserve in these times vs. building a new opportunity base for your business. It is only when you actually step out of your own world of financial problems and focus on the needs of your buyers that the shift occurs. Some will move to this sooner rather than later and those businesses will win. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with your current company. All the best, Phil Myers c: 602.284.8142
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