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This is fantastic indeed - pretty much everything on this site is! Steve, I've also thought about the issue of "and" - we know that "yes, and" is the life-force behind improvizational comedy (rather than "no", "but"). And when giving feedback, "yes, and" is more powerful than "no, but". Perhaps these are simply different situations from storytelling via film, books, etc... more to think about! I also wonder: ought we apply "therefore" to presentations that are not stories? Such as tech or policy presentations. Presentations based on "and": A, and B, and C, and D... may turn into lists of things that aren't tightly bound together, and thus seem tedious, messy... Presentations based on "therefore": A, therefore B, therefore C, therefore D... have, in contrast, a tighter logical structure binding the elements together.
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Aug 17, 2015