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Fascinating movie any way I look at it. At face value it's quite an education in street art. If Banksy really did craft this story and Thierry is his creative invention, it's a brilliant creation... certainly more brilliant than Thierry himself. My favorite line of Banksy's in the movie was something to the effect that whereas Warhol took stuff that was out there and repeated it until it was meaningless, MBW in turn had taken it up and made it really meaningless. This plays very nicely on the insecurity that lies at the secret heart of every art aficionado or -nada: that maybe they're being "taken in." (Warhol's character in "Basquiat": "*sigh* I just don't know what's good anymore!) Interestingly, Thierry's fraud provided a foil to good and sincere artists like Banksy and -- I guess -- Warhol. I think I know more about this art than ever before... I think. Anyway I like it more, and respect the artists' intent and skills. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 8, 2011