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Ma PoFe
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I have the winner of them ALL: My younger sister is the only one of the four siblings who is married and has children. One day, and this was just weeks after I had a horrible break up with the guy I was going to marry (at the tender age of 37), I was playing with her second child who was a 18 month old baby then, telling him "Who's my little precious baby?" and stuff like that and she looked at me and said "Don't you feel jealous that I'll be pregnant next year and you won't?" I went blank. I couldn't even muster a word. What a horrible way to announce her plans for a third child. And please, this came from a woman that showed up at my door one raining afternoon, crying buckets, because her doctor had told her she would struggle to conceive. Same one who went down to the floor and cried a tantrum when she found out her sister in law was pregnant.
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Nov 4, 2011