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Rachel Pohli
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I currently make cards for an organization called "Chemo Angels"'s very similar to what you've organized here with the Cards for Kids, except that it's not just children, but also adults who are undergoing chemo treatments and who sign up for the program to receive cards & small gifts on a regular basis. I recently got an email from them saying, "Tell your friends: Due to the tricky economic times as well as the recent holiday season, quite a few Angels have had to resign during the past few months. We are in serious need of new volunteers. Please help us spread the word! Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers --- anyone you feel would make a great volunteer. We need Chemo Angels, Card Angels and Senior Angels. Send interested parties to our website, or .net to apply. Thank you so much!" Since there seems to be a lot of people here who are interested in making cards for a cause such as this, I thought I'd pass along the info here. I hope that's ok, Jennifer! I don't want to take any cards away from the Cards for Kids, but just a thought in case someone might want to sign up to be a Chemo Angel with this organization as well. :)
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Feb 4, 2010