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I think part of the problem is that it's hard to root for a powerful, rich protagonist who wishes to be more powerful or rich. Got to find some way to make the technology-savvy capitalist the underdog. But along those lines, I'd like to see more sci-fi/fantasy books where good intentions of an arrogant antagonist lead to truly horrific unintended consequences. It shocks me a little bit that this isn't a bigger theme in literature since it is such an obvious recurring theme in the real world. There are no end to excellent, compelling examples. Example: "Spare me your arguments about cost, deficits and debt. We have a moral duty to [insert good intentioned policy here]." Yes, let's ignore all practical considerations and get people to put their faith in a program that has an obvious and possibly devastating expiration date.
What they need to do is sign the "US Military" to a label and let the media industry go after Wikileaks. At least the New York Times would recognize that there might be an ethical problem with publishing the documents.
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Oct 24, 2010