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What do we do now? Depends on what our objectives are. What is the compelling national security interest in remaining in this backwater country? If the Taliban confines its activities to Afghanistan and does not harbor transnational terrorist outfits, what is the compelling reason for us to be there? We can't win by just killing them. The only way to win is to essentially remake the country and that is a nation building objective we can't undertake, nor should we. Afghanistan needs a regionalized management solution that effectively denies it as a safe haven to transnational terrorists. The forces of globalization may eventually do the work of transforming that country into a more modern place and make it over into something that can join the community of nations, but its not our job to make it that.
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The issues of income inequality, corruption and the undemocratic influence and power of the financial sector that put them in the streets all resonate with me. Its a damn shame that I think too much of OWS is a bunch of navel gazers. Here in Indy, I've looked at the sites of the local OWS operations and their discussion forums are either anemic and pathetic or overflowing with drivel and pathetic. They seem to exist for "building consensus" to do anything and obsess over process vs. results. This "movement" helped change the conversation, but if all they are gonna do is talk rather than exert their people power, they are not to be feared at all. I've been trying to exhort them to get more serious by putting some ideas out their for an #OWS inspired reform agenda. Nobody seems to be biting.
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Dec 1, 2011
Sounds eerily like the conventional wisdom of the last decade or two of the GOP on winning the black vote.
Okay. Why not?
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I agree with negronova. They were playing the race card and using slavery as a cheap emotional hook to make a political point, as Jack & Jill politics pointed out. Nor do I buy for a minute that they were attempting to put black families in the focus and you know that is not the case when you consider the target audience of the pledge, which is conservative base GOP voters. This is not a document that was intended to be spread around in the black community, nor written with them in mind. The advent of a black president has created a moment in which the GOP is twisting itself into knots trying to play the race card in a way that makes it sound as though they are articulating an actual concern with blacks as a political constituency, because they think it makes such a nifty attack line. Ham handed invocations of slavery like this one are proof positive that both the GOP leadership and rank and file still do not regard blacks as a political constituency necessary or essential to their aspirations for governance. If we did, we would figure out the messaging and enforce the messaging discipline just like we do for all other messaging we think is important. Its just not that hard. The GOP simply doesn't give a damn, so we continue to be subjected to unforced errors like this.
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Feb 2, 2011